Paulen, Benjamin S.

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Letter from Rev. J. D. Barksdale, editor of the Western Christian Recorder, to Governor Ben Paulen regarding concerns about F. J. Peck, president of Western University. Barksdale writes to offer the opinion that Superintendent F. J.

Letter from Thomas Richards of the Wyandotte County Republican Central Committee to Governor Ben Paulen. Richards writes that he finds "things favorable for you," moreso than in the election two years two years prior when William Allen White got many votes Richards predicts will now go to Paulen.

Letter from A. Boregard, president of the Taxpayers League, to Governor Ben S. Paulen discussing a meeting with Kansas Attorney General Charles B. Griffith and several Kansas City, Kansas, civic organizations.

Letter from F. J. Peck, superintendent of Western University, to Governor Ben Paulen, apologizing for not notifying the governor of the results of a recent board meeting and blaming the lapse on illness.

Letter from F. J. Peck, superintendent of Western University, to Governor Ben Paulen. Peck expresses concerns about his department heads being called to jury duty and the disruption that can cause at the school, and requests that the governor help him to get a staff member excused from the obligation.

Letter from Governor Ben Paulen to A. Boregard, in reply to Boregard's letter of September 30.

Letter from Governor Ben Paulen to Allen Peal regarding issues at Western University, and stating that he hopes difficulties between Peal and university president Pastor F. J. Peck will not influence Peal against him, as he refrain[s] from interferring in the conduct of state institutions or schools unless compelled to do so."