Pendergast, James M.

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Photograph of T. J. Pendergast (left) and James M. Pendergast (right). The caption on the back of the image reads, "KC 440785, K.C. POLITICAL SMILES AS MACHINE CLICKS KANSAS CITY, MO.----T. J. (Tom) Pendergast, dominant Democratic leader of Kansas City, is shown here with his nephew and Chief Lieutenant, James M.

Souvenir of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Sisters of Mercy, Kansas City. Included are photographs of Bishop Thomas F. Lillis, Reverend John P. Prendergast, and other local clergy. Also included is a history of the Sisters of Mercy in Kansas City along with building photographs of the First Convent of Mercy in Kansas City and St.

Letter from Harry Easley to Harry S. Truman in which Easley urges Truman not to give Fred Black, Jr. a political appointment. Easley notes that Black "tells me that Jim Pendergast and Shannon Douglass are going to insist that you help him get this appointment."

Letter to James M. Pendergast in support of Harry Easley as a Works Progress Administration assistant for Southwestern Missouri because of his efforts in the election of Senator Harry S. Truman.

Letter from Thomas McGee to Harry S. Truman in which McGee informs Truman that McGee's son-in-law, John Lillis, was let go from his job at the Federal Housing Administration. He reminds Truman that James P. Aylward and James M.

Letter from Kansas City attorney Thomas Phillips to Thomas L. Evans, President of Crown Drug Company. Phillips writes in support of Dick Shanahan for a political appointment. He begins his recommendation mentioning that Shanahan has received an endorsement from James M. Pendergast.

Photocopy of a letter from James M. Pendergast to his wife Kathleen Pendergast. James recounts the details of John Lazia's funeral which the local newspapers believe to be Kansas City's largest funeral gathering. He then updates Kathleen on his trip to Monroe County and on his upcoming trip with Harry S. Truman to Cameron, Missouri.

Photocopy of a letter from President Harry S. Truman to James M. Pendergast in Kansas City. Responding to Pendergast's request for suggestions for Kansas City mayor candidates, Truman suggests that Bryce Smith should run again. Truman states, "Bryce made a good Mayor and I know he has always been our friend." The Harry S.

A longhand note written by Harry S. Truman while he was a judge for Jackson County, Missouri. In this note, Truman recounts his childhood and early adulthood. Notable events described include his construction of the Jackson County Courthouse, his start in politics, and his family history.

Letter from William A. Kitchen to Senator Harry S. Truman in which Kitchen informs Truman that he spoke with Col. Bob Walton of Armstrong, Missouri. After explaining Truman's side of the story concerning the WPA issue, Kitchen reports that Walton agrees with Truman, but is still worried about the Democratic party in the 1940 campaign.

Photocopy of a letter on behalf of President Harry S. Truman to James M. Pendergast, President of the Jackson Democratic Club at 1908 Main Street. Enclosed with the letter was a check for $6.00 to the Jackson Democratic Club, a Pendergast organization, for membership dues for 1948. The Harry S.

Letter from William A. Kitchen to Senator Harry S. Truman in which Kitchen provides his opinion on two appointments to the Workmen's Compensation Commission and the political repercussions of the same. He also informs Truman of James M. Pendergast's opinion on the situation.