Pendergast, Thomas J.

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Tom Pendergast and Joe Shannon

Clipping from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on March 28, 1932 entitled "Kansas City Boss and Congressman" and with caption stating, "Thomas J. Pendergast (left), and Congressman Joseph B. Shannon of Kansas City in a pow-wow at Hotel Jefferson preceding the Democratic State Convention."

Tom Pendergast and Joe Shannon

Clipping from the St. Louis Globe-Democrat on December 7, 1930 with caption stating, "Thomas J. (Tom) Pendergast of Kansas City, right, directing head of one of the most powerful political machines in the United States, as he appeared at the Democratic National Convention at Houston in 1928. Joseph B. Shannon, left, until recently the leader of an opposing faction of Kansas City Democrats, who was elected to Congress in the Fifth District. Pendergast actively supported Shannon and thereby eliminated the rival who had frequently challenged Pendergast's political supremacy.

Tom Pendergast and James M. Pendergast

Photograph of T. J. Pendergast (left) and James M. Pendergast (right). The caption on the back of the image reads, "KC 440785, K.C. POLITICAL SMILES AS MACHINE CLICKS KANSAS CITY, MO.----T. J. (Tom) Pendergast, dominant Democratic leader of Kansas City, is shown here with his nephew and Chief Lieutenant, James M. Pendergast, smiling broadly as they anticipated victory in the Kansas City elections. The picture was taken in the Pendergast wigwam, known as Jackson Democratic Club.

Tom Pendergast

Portrait of Tom Pendergast.

Tom Pendergast

Clipping from the St. Louis Star on March 28, 1932 of "Tom Himself". The photograph of Thomas J. Pendergast was taken that day at the Democratic State Convention for Missouri in St. Louis, Missouri.

Tom Pendergast

Clipping from an article on Tom Pendergast entitled "Portrait of 'The Boss'" in the Kansas City Star on February 28, 1932. This drawing depicts Thomas J. Pendergast sitting at his desk at Jackson County Democratic Club at 1908 Main Street, Kansas City, Missouri.

To Thomas J. Finnigan from Sam Hargus

Letter from Sam Hargus, secretary to Governor Guy Park to Thomas J. Finnigan, discussing a recent article on Tom Pendergast and jesting about a political appointment for Finnigan referenced in the previous letter.

To the Democratic Voters of Missouri: Beat Pendergastism

Political publication in the form of a "sample ballot" indicating that a vote for Jesse Barrett was a vote against Pendergast influence in Missouri.

To Orrin Shaw from W. M. Ledbetter

Letter to Orrin Shaw indicating candidate Lloyd Stark's intention to hold a labor meeting in Kansas City.

To Leo V. Kanan

Letter from an unknown author to Leo Kanan, District Superintentdent of the WPA Equipment Department. The author indicates that he told Lloyd Stark to contact him at some point, and advises Kanan to "introduce him to some of your good Union Labor friends."

To Joe Sicker from Lloyd Stark

Letter from Lloyd Stark to Joseph Sicker, ordering a basket of Golden Deliciou apples for Mr. and Mrs. Tom Pendergast for their upcoming steamship voyage.

To Governor Lloyd Stark

First page of a multi-page letter to Governor Lloyd Stark, encouraging him to remove R. Emmet O'Malley from his position as Insurance Commissioner.