Pendergast, Thomas J.

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Letter from Ray B. Horton to governor Guy Park, discussing the death of a mutual friend, Charley Becker.

Letter from Martha Murphy to Missouri gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark pledging her support for his campaign.

Letter from William Hirth to Ralph F. Lozier. Hirth speculates that if James P. Aylward enters the U.S. Senatorial race, Hulen will not announce and Aylward would have the support of the Kansas City and St. Louis Democratic Organizations.

Letter from Clifford J. Wallace asserting his support of Lloyd Stark's candidacy and warning him to be careful in selecting political associates in St. Joseph.

Letter from Ewing Cockrell to Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. in which Cockrell informs Mitchell that Thomas J. Pendergast will not support Cockrell as a candidate in the upcoming election. Instead, Cockrell requests that Mitchell aids him in his campaign.

Letter from William M. Ledbetter to Lloyd C. Stark discussing coverage of Stark's candidacy in the Louisiana Press-Journal and his support by Pendergast and Bennett Clark.

Letter from William E. Fessant to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, discussing the obstacles he has encountered in obtaining work through the WPA due to his opposition for Pendergast and support for James Douglas.

Newspaper clipping of an article that describes Missouri Governor Guy Park's defense of the Kansas City Pendergast political machine in a recent speech.

Letter from Joseph Werby to W. M. Ledbetter, Finance Secretary for Lloyd Stark's gubernatorial campaign. Werby describes the efforst he has taken to install large campaign billboards alongside busy roads in large Missouri cities.

Letter from John T. Barker to Ralph F. Lozier in which Barker states that anyone that Thomas J. Pendergast supports will win the primary election in 1932. He then provides details on his predictions of election results.

Letter from gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark to Tom Pendergast, asking for assistance in setting up a meeting with Kansas City labor leaders.

Letter from Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. to James A. Farley on March 20, 1934. Mitchell discusses C. W. Greenwade's appointment for postmaster at Springfield, Missouri as well as the upcoming election in Kansas City, Missouri.