Pendergast, Thomas J.

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List of recipients of a gift of Golden Delicious apple cider from Lloyd C. Stark's orchards.

Letter frin T. W. Griffith to Missouri candidate for Governor, Lloyd Stark offering his assistance in securing the votes of miners across Missouri.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to Senator Harry S. Truman regarding a visit Stark had with Pendergast, described as "our mutual friend in Kansas City."

Letter from Dr. H. Kirkendall to Lloyd C. Stark reporting on the political outlook in Oregon County.

Two-page typewritten article titled, "Hon. John T. Wayland Overrules the U. S. Supreme Court and Appoints a Democrat. - A Republican After Holding the Sinecure for Thirty Years Is Deposed - An Interesting Story from Washington" by an unknown author.

Letter from Walker C. Johnson to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, expressing happiness at James Douglas winning the Missouri Supreme Court election, but describing further corruption to be eliminated in his county and WPA.

Letter from Frank P. Walsh, attorney and counselor at law, to Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. on February 20, 1932. Walsh discusses Pendergast's patronage concerning Mitchell's and Franklin D. Roosevelt's individual campaigns.

Letter from M. D. Lightfoot to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, pledging his own support for Stark, as well as that of many Greene County Democrats.

Letter from Manny Schupan to Lloyd C. Stark writing with news of Joseph Werby's heart attack and offering his own assistance during Werby's recovery and in support of Stark's campaign.

Anonymous letter implicating the Kansas City Police Department in voting irregularities and that state control of the department is what enabled fairer elections.

Letter from Congressman Clarence Cannon to Lloyd C. Stark, relating a conversaion with Rufus Jackson about who Pendergast and the Missouri Democrats were opting to support in the upcoming gubernatorial race.

Letter from Joseph Sicker & Co. informing Mr. and Mrs. Pendergast that Mr. and Mrs. Stark had purchased them a basket of Golden Delicious apples.