Powell, Sallye W.

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From William Kitchen to Mrs. Powell

Letter from William Kitchen in which he states his ideas for handling Lloyd Stark's opponent in an upcoming speech.

From William Kitchen to Mrs. Powell

This letter from Kitchen recommends placing an advertisement in the 'Missouri Legionnaire' in response to one placed by his competitor in the gubernatorial primary. He concludes by encouraging Lloyd Stark to meet very soon with Tom Pendergast because he learned that the Kansas City strongman was soon to have surgery in New York.

From William Kitchen to Mrs. Powell

The author urges Lloyd Stark's secretary Sallye Powell to communicate Stark's schedule for a Legion Convention in Springfield to Jerry Duggan.

From Sallye W. Powell to Mrs. Lou Emma Gatewood

Letter from Lloyd Stark's secretary Sallye Powell to Mrs. Lou Emma Gatewood, assuring her that a speaker will be provided for her upcoming barbecue.

From Sallye Powell to Dr. Grover Clay

Letter from Lloyd Stark's secretary to Dr. Grover Clay, insdicating that his previous letter was received while Stark was out, and promising to deliver it to him as soon as possible.

From S. Powell to J. O. L. Goggin

Letter from S. Powell, assistant to Lloyd C. Stark, to J. O. L. Goggin, acknowledging receipt of his letter and informing Goggin that Stark is out of town.

From Lloyd C. Stark's secretary to Miss Mildred M. Oliver

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark's secretary, Sallye W. Powell, to Miss Mildred Oliver. She confirms the receipt of Miss Oliver's letter and says he will receive it when he returns home. Powell also forwards Miss Oliver's letter to William Ledbetter, inquiring as to whether Stark should reply.

From Clarence Cannon to Lloyd Stark

Letter from Clarence Cannon to Lloyd Stark, recounting a speech by his Republican opponent, Jesse Barrett. The text discusses corruption under the Pendergast Machine and throughout the state, including insurance and pension fraud.