Reeves, Albert L.

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Sentencing in Criminal Case No. 14652: United States vs. Matthew S. Murray, defendant. Judge Albert L.

Commitment in Criminal Case No. 9761: United States vs. Joe DiGiovanna, defendants. The document reports that DiGiovanna was charged with violating the Prohibition Act, and sentenced to serve sixty days at the Clay County Jail in Liberty, Missouri. DiGiovanna was delivered to the jailer on November 8, 1930.

Commitment in the trial of Criminal Case No. 7742: United States vs. Joe Berbiglia, defendant. The document notes that Joe Berbiglia was found guilty of the four counts of Prohibition Act violation with which he was charged, and received a prison sentence of 60 days in the Clay County Jail and a fine of $100.

Order in Criminal Case No. 11769: United States vs. Pat Noonan, Joe School, Charles Binaggio, Milan Redis, Glen White, Eddie Moran, Link Moran, Silas Counts, and Frank Hart, defendants. Judge Albert L. Reeves orders the case be dismissed.

Judgment and commitment in Criminal Case No. 14652: United States vs. Matthew S. Murray, defendant.

Order in Criminal Case No. 13387: United States vs. Buster Balestrere, defendant. The order, signed by Judge Albert L. Reeves, orders Balestrere's sentence of probation be shortened due to good behavior.

Order of probation in Criminal Case #9129, United States vs. Joe DiGiovanna, defendant. The order notes that the defendant entered a plea of guilty to the charge of possessing an unregistered whiskey still and sentences him to two years of probation with a $1,000 bond. Dr. Max Goldman is named as his probation officer.

Memorandum opinion and orders dealing with demurrers and motions to squash, pleas in abatement and motions to strike such pleas in abatement in Criminal Cases Nos. 13646, 13648, and 13650. Due to the similarities of the cases, only No. 13646 is addressed in detail.

Order for the Dismissal of Criminal Case No. 6470: United States vs. Elton Apt, Arthur L. Curran, Ray Kirk, Isaac E. Martin, Harvey Storms, Manning Wilcox, defendants. The document, signed by District Judge Albert L. Reeves, also orders dismissed eighteen additional cases involving the same defendants, all Federal Prohibition Agents.

Harry S. Truman's final draft of his statement on the reappointment of Maurice Milligan as U.S. Attorney. Truman strongly opposes Milligan's reappointment because he finds him to be morally and professionally unqualified.

Letter from I. N. Watson to Jesse Barrett describing his attempts to counteract and prosecute voting fraud during the 1936 election in Kansas City.

Citizens' League Bulletin issue with the main article entitled "King of Kansas City, Emperor of Missouri" about the corrupt activities of Boss Tom Pendergast of Kansas City.