Roosevelt, Franklin D.

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Letter from William A. Kitchen to Senator Harry S. Truman in which Kitchen suggests a way in which Truman can put in a replacement for Maurice M. Milligan as U.S. attorney at Kansas City.

Letter from Senator Harry S. Truman to William A. Kitchen in which Truman responds to Kitchen suggestion that President Roosevelt attends the 1935 American Legion National Convention in St. Louis. Truman agrees that it would be wise for the President to attend and will try to convince him to do so.

Letter from William A. Kitchen to L. P. Presler in which Kitchen provides a personal recommendation of Harry S. Truman in his re-election campaign for Senator. Kitchen then asks for Presler's (misspelled in the letter) support of Truman as Truman will not have much time to campaign in Missouri before the August 6th primary election.

Harry S. Truman's final draft of his statement on the reappointment of Maurice Milligan as U.S. Attorney. Truman strongly opposes Milligan's reappointment because he finds him to be morally and professionally unqualified.

Letter from William A. Kitchen to Senator Harry S. Truman in which Kitchen provides suggestions on how to secure Charlie Carr as the new judge of the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. Kitchen suggests Truman talks to his close friends, Senator Byrnes and Attorney General Jackson, both of which are recent appointments to the Supreme Court.

Letter from Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. to William Hirth, publisher and managing editor of The Missouri Farmer, on May 29, 1940. Mitchell discusses Thomas J. Pendergast and James A. Farley stance in relation to the presidential candidacy of Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1932.

Resolution from the Democratic Central Committee of Stone County, Missouri, endorsing Lloyd Stark for Governor.

Letter from James A. Reed to Bennett C. Clark in which Reed discusses his meetings with Ike Dunlap and Ed Villmoare. Reed mentions that Dunlap showed him a letter from President Roosevelt. In it, Roosevelt expresses his hope to meet with Thomas J. Pendergast soon.

Letter from Albert K. Mitchell to Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. on August 27, 1940. Albert acknowledges receipt of information provided by Ewing concerning Pendergast support of Truman's senate reelection campaign. Albert also discusses U.S. Senator of New Mexico Carl Hatch and his support for the Pendergast Machine.

Newspaper clipping of an article that describes Missouri Governor Guy Park's defense of the Kansas City Pendergast political machine in a recent speech.

Letter from M. Ross to Governor Park asking on behalf of Tom Pendergast that Park write to President Roosevelt about releasing federal Missouri River improvement funds.

Letter from G. H. Foree to Ewing young Mitchell, Jr. on May 9, 1934. Foree warns of Republican attacks on the Democratic administration in power and requests information concerning candidates for U.S. Senator in Missouri.