Stark, Lloyd C.

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Letter from Mary Miller to Lloyd Stark in which she expresses anger at the appointment promised to her brother going to another man.

Letter from Earl Sinclair to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, complaining that there is no secret ballot, and that when "we voted at the last primary the official unfolded my wife's ballot in the presence of both of us." He also reports Pendergast influence with WPA jobs.

Letter from E. R. Holland to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, regarding Dr. W. L. Brandon's alleged statement that "two carloads of Douglas supporters couldn't be found in all Southeast Missouri." Holland reports that there are in fact numerous Douglas supporters in the town of Kennett and the county at large.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark's secretary to Manny Schupan acknowledging receipt of Schupan's letter and writing that Stark is out of town.

Letter from Joseph Werby to Lloyd Stark asking for a meeting about creating a slogan and signage for Stark's campaign for Missouri Governor.

Letter from Arthur F. Smith to Lloyd C. Stark, reporting that he is temporarily withdrawing his endorsement of Stark in light of Tom Pendergast's support of his campaign.

Letter from W. H. Reed to Lloyd Stark offering his support for his candidacy for Missouri governor.

Letter from G. R. Chamberlin to Lloyd C. Stark, discussing Pendergast's endorsement of Stark and other campaign issues. Chamberlin also assures that Stark "can rely on [Cass] county for a heavy majority and practically a clean sweep."

Letter from Frank A. Burns to Lloyd C. Stark reporting that he believes the upcoming election will be about the fight against Tom Pendergast and bossism.

Letter from J. R. Smith to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, including a St. Joseph News-Press newspaper clipping about an Al Capone associate marveling at Kansas City vice. The article is titled "WIDE OPEN AND VULGAR." Smith also requests that Stark help retain Henry Dillingham as U.S.

Letter from F. M. Stamps to Robert Holliday, requesting to be put in touch with the Judge James Douglas campaign. Stamps is concerned about the lack of Douglas supporters working in Cass County.

Letter from Tony Buford to Lloyd C. Stark discussing his projection for the make up of the next House of Representatives, as well as support for Stark vs. William Hirth for governor.