Stark, Lloyd C.

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Letter from Mary Pearl Dugg, Kansas City Republican election judge, to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, describing past violence and threats against election workers, and hoping he will continue to work to ensure fair and safe elections.

Letter from Henry A. Bundschu to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, discussing election corruption and how it might be dealt with by the Board of Election Commissioners.

Enclosed list of endorsements for a job appointment desired by Ernest O. Boone.

Anonymous letter recommending that Governor Stark investigate the WPA work being done in Kansas City.

Letter from Roy Glidewell asking governor Stark to acknowledge his previous letter and indicate a timeline for appointing a vacant judgeship.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to Tom Pendergast, writing that he is sending "a little fountain pencil" as a gift for Mrs. Pendergast.

Letter from Lloyd Stark to F. X. Teasdale, exprsesing his desire to delay the organization for Stark-for-Governor clubs across Missouri.

Letter signed "Hayz" to Lloyd C. Stark indicating that some people thought Roy McKittrick would be a strong opponent for Stark in the gubernatorial election and that the machine had not yet decided which candidate to support.

Letter from J. H. Orr congratulating gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark on his endorsement by Tom Pendergast.

Letter from C. B. L. Solze to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, describing unlicensed vehicles threatening citizens at various polling places during recent elections and other suspicious activities.

Letter from Thomas Y. Matley to J. W. McCammon, discussing bipartisan support for James Douglas in the campaign for Missouri Supreme Court in Clay and Platte Counties.

Letter from Mr. and Mrs. C. I. Ward of Clinton County to Lloyd C. Stark describing the opportunity for support for his candidacy among farmers in Caldwell and Clinton counties.