Stark, Lloyd C.

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Letter from Mrs. Grace Wisdom to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, telling Stark that she and others have "been for you as you were a friend of Mr Tom Pendergast," but warns "you'll no doubt hurt your self from many good honest votes when you are disloyal to Mr Pendergast."

Letter from A. A. Davies to Governor Lloyd Stark, sending an enclosure that addresses the city and county property assessments. The enclosure describes an increase in assessments, and that "taxing authorities ...

Letter from J. A. Hemphill to Major Lloyd C. Stark, prior to his election as governor of Missouri.

Letter from George E. Kimball to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, discussing corruption in public service. Kimball identifies himself as "a former judge of the Jackson County Court, a former City Comtroller of Kansas City, and a Republican candidate for Mayor of Kansas in 1930." He writes to recommend Fred H.

Anonymous letter outlining WPA-related corruption taking place in Kansas City, and praising Stark for his efforts at reform.

Letter from H. C. Kemper to Lloyd C. Stark congratulating him on the success he is having on achieving the Democratic nomination for governor, and offering his help in north and central Missouri.

Letter from James Hurst praising John Whitsel for organizing a St. Joseph meeting on behalf of candidate for Missouri Governor, Lloyd C. Stark.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to James P. Aylward, thanking Aylward for meeting with him while he was visiting Kansas City and mentioning that Colonel Bouchard's poll indicates strong support for Stark's campaign.

Letter from Bennett C. Clark to Lloyd Stark regarding the appointment of Harold Brown.

Letter from Grover Childers to Governor Lloyd C. Stark regarding the Circuit Court in Jackson County, "and the fact that it is the seat of power behind the Pendergast machine."

Letter from Edna Charlton at the Missouri Old Age Benevolent Association, inviting people to a rally for Missouri's "aged people" at Municipal Auditorium on July 31. The letter states that Governor Lloyd Stark has been jeopardizing pensions for the state's elderly.

Letter from Charles D. Osborne to gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark in which the author makes a recommendation for a recipient of WPA funds and discusses American Legion members' support of his candidacy.