Stark, Lloyd C.

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Letter from gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark to Tom Pendergast, asking for assistance in setting up a meeting with Kansas City labor leaders.

Statement by William Hirth, publisher of The Missouri Farmer, discussing the recent Missouri Supreme Court primary election.

Letter from Harold E. Brawley to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, describing corruption in the Missouri Works Progress Administration and State Highway Department in Reynolds County. Brawley writes that he "lost today's work on the State Highway because [he] said yesterday 'Our Gov.

Correspondence from Thomas Pendergast Jr. to Margaret Truman Daniel, likely dated after the 1973 publication of her biography about her father, Harry S. Truman. It is unclear if the note was ever delivered or if it remained in Pendergast Jr.'s possession. In it, Pendergast Jr. accuses Harry Truman and James M.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to Manny Schupan regarding the illness of a Mr. Werby.

Letter from Glidewell to Governor Stark encouraging him to consider running in the upcoming 1940 presidential election.

Letter from Joseph Werby to W. M. Ledbetter, Finance Secretary for Lloyd Stark's gubernatorial campaign. Werby describes the efforst he has taken to install large campaign billboards alongside busy roads in large Missouri cities.

Letter from R. McD. Smith, Jr. to Lloyd C. Stark offering to write an article in support of Stark, and reporting positive sentiments about his campaign in Kansas City.

Letter from Missouri gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark to W. H. Reed of St. Louis, thanking him for his support.

Letter from George G. Starmer to Lloyd C. Stark regarding campaign appointments.

A series of letters from Mrs. W. W. Henderson to Lloyd Stark in which she characterizes his base of support across Missouri.

Letter from Edgar Shook to Governor Lloyd C.