Stark, Lloyd C.

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Letter from W. R. Reavis to Lloyd C. Stark. Reavis writes that Pendergast's support is a good goal, but that he believes Stark's candidacy could still be successful without that endorsement.

Letter signed "A voter" to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, supporting his work against the Pendergast machine, and comparing the situation to St. Louis's earlier ouster of "Boss" Butler. The letter writer says "the better class of K.C.

Letter from Jimmy Hurst to Mrs. Powell regarding Stark's campaign and marshalling machine support.

Letter from William E. Fessant to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, discussing the obstacles he has encountered in obtaining work through the WPA due to his opposition for Pendergast and support for James Douglas.

Letter that identifies two Missouri officials whose activities are troubling to the author.

Letter from J. N. Burroughs to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, commending Stark's opposition to "the corrupt elements in our party headed by the Pendergast machine," and believes he will receive support for Judge James Douglas's election to the Missouri Supreme Court.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to Harry S. Truman reporting on his meeting with Tom Pendergast and Jim Aylward about his campaign and how the campaign is being staffed. He writes that "on the advice of everybody, including T.J., we are not even mentioning his name; just ignoring him entirely."

Transcript of a speech given by candidate Lloyd Stark on the eve of the Missouri elections. The speech was given over KSD radio on Monday, Nov. 2 from 4:45 to 5 p.m.

Letter from Charles D. Osborne to Lloyd C. Stark providing information on various individuals throughout the state, and stating that he believes Pendergast endorses good men. He is also concerned about drinking around the Capitol.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to A. Reed Wilson discussing men Wilson had recommended Stark meet with about his campaign, including Fat Whitlow and George Johnston. He also writes that he thinks "we have Callaway County sewed up."

An update to the Kansas City Anti-Vice Society about improvements in Kansas City vice conditions, from Nat Spencer, secretary.

Letter from Waldron explaining his disappointment in being rejected by the Stark campaign. He indiciates his intention to return to Topeka, Kansas.