Stark, Lloyd C.

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Letter from J. E. Woodmansee to Governor Lloyd C. Stark discussing work that remains to clean up voter registrations and other Board of Election Commissioners business.

Letter from Franklin J. Creagan to E. J. McMahon, supervisor at the Missouri Department of Liquor Control, reporting that James Douglas is gaining popularity in the state Supreme Court race in Pettis County, and that he is ahead in Morgan and Benton Counties.

Letter from Howard Steel to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, congratulating him on James Douglas's success in the Missouri Supreme Court Democratic primary, and describing corruption in the Works Progress Administration.

Anonymous letter, assumedly to LLoyd Stark, threatening him if Missouri elects a Republican governor and punishes Tom Pendergast.

Letter from A. B. Seymour to Governor Lloyd C. Stark providing background and opinions on potential police board appointee Ralph E. Murray, describing Murray as "strongly anti-Roosevelt and anti-labor" and "very average as a practicing lawyer," and discussing Murray's coworkers and other connections.

Letter from J. O. L. Goggin to Lloyd C. Stark offering assistance in Stark's gubernatorial campaign and making recommendations regarding his printed materials.

Letter from H. R. Conway to gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark, outlining why he believes Saline County did not support Stark's candidacy in greater numbers.

Letter from John Joseph Gausch to Lloyd C. Stark, prior to Stark's election as governor, noting that Pendergast announced his support for Stark on October 16, 1935. Gausch reports that Stark also has the endorsement of St.

Letter from Lucille Tappan Moreland to gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark, indicating that she and her mother intend to vote for him in the election and noting help she has received from James Pendergast.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to Jess Easley, writing that he finds "gratifying" the "unanimous endorsements of the St. Louis and Kansas City Democrats," as well as "the almost solid support of the outstate Democracy," and looks forward to the election in November 1936.

Letter from Mae Wilson Dollarhide, publisher of the Hermitage (Mo.) Index newspaper, to Governor Lloyd C. Stark.

Letter signed "A mother" to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, concerned about a location at 9th and Spruce allowing underage drinking and gambling, and begging Stark to help save the "men & young women who frequent this place."