Stark, Lloyd C.

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Anonymous letter to Governor Stark alerting him to political scandals in Washington County, Missouri

List of recipients of a gift of Golden Delicious apple cider from Lloyd C. Stark's orchards, along with an example form letter to be send in advance.

Letter from James Hurst to Paul Williams, praising him for his work in getting out the vote for gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark.

Letter from Mrs. A. P. Wolf to Lloyd C. Stark, expressing concern and disgust about Stark's ties to Pendergast.

Letter from Curtis M. Gott to gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark discussing his recent endorsement by Tom Pendergast.

Unsigned letter to Governor Lloyd C. Stark describing acts of corruption taking place throughout the city stemming from businesses affiliated with the Pendergast machine and John Lazia.

Letter signed "Your Friend" to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, reporting that Pendergast's influence (namely liquor sales and gambling) stretches across the state line into Missouri, and encloses a newspaper clipping on that subject.

Letter from Edna Charlton at the Missouri Old Age Benevolent Association, inviting people to a rally for Missouri's "aged people" at Municipal Auditorium on July 31. The letter states that Governor Lloyd Stark has been jeopardizing pensions for the state's elderly.

Letter from Charles D. Osborne to gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark in which the author makes a recommendation for a recipient of WPA funds and discusses American Legion members' support of his candidacy.

Letter from J. B. Fletcher to Governor Lloyd C. Stark expressing opinions on Stark's election, his dislike of Pendergast, and how he thinks voting should work in future elections. Fletcher says Stark should "give voters single ticket and convict old Pendergas[t]."

Letter from I. N. Watson to Jesse Barrett describing false or inaccurate voter registrations in Kansas City, and a potential remedy for them.

Letter from Chas. W. Dickey to Lloyd C. Stark, writing with campaign advice and potential connections throughout the state. He also references clippings which appeared in the Lamar Daily Democrat and Springfield Leader, and mentions concerns with Pendergast involvement in WPA appointments.