Stark, Lloyd C.

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Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to James Pendergast, writing that he is sending a gift of a "small white pencil" to Mrs. Pendergast.

Letter from W. B. Massey to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, describing local support for the James Douglas campaign for Missouri Supreme Court, and he believes Douglas will win the county. His only concern is "the ability of the Pendergast machine to vote the WPA workers practically solid."

Letter from Lloyd Stark to R. P. McNergney indicating his associations with Harry Truman and Tom Pendergast, and expressing an understanding that McNergney must align himself with the endorsement of the Pendergast organization.

Letter from Congressman Clarence Cannon to Lloyd C. Stark, relating a conversaion with Rufus Jackson about who Pendergast and the Missouri Democrats were opting to support in the upcoming gubernatorial race.

Letter from Dr. W. T. Elam to W. M. Marsh, discussing the alliances and influence of a "Dr. P." Elam clarifies that Dr. P's "loyalty will definitely be on the side of the Governor" but that "he and Dr. Bourke were both under obligation to Mr. P[endergast] for his endorsement."

Letter from A. Reed Wilson to Lloyd Stark regarding the appointment of Dr. Whitsell to run Stark's campaign in northwest Missouri.

Letter signed "From One Who Wishes you Success" to Governor Lloyd C. Stark with information about how the Pendergast machine achieves its votes by bringing in out-of-town relatives, "friends of the machine" from Kansas City, Kansas, and WPA workers who "were given jobs just a week before."

Letter from John K. Walsh to Lloyd C. Stark discussing the favorable prospects for Stark's candidacy in most of the state outside of St. Louis, as well as issues with the WPA.

Clipping and brief note encouraging Gov. Stark to crack down on illegal gambling and slot machines in Kansas City. The clipping quotes city manager Henry McElroy as saying he'll feed a Stark Brothers' Nursery Golden Delicious apple to his dog.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to Tom Pendergast, making a gift of a jug of Golden Delicious apple cider from Stark's orchards.

Letter from N. W. Branson to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, reporting the presence of Pendergast men on primary election day in Neosho.

Letter from Teasdale to Stark describing public attitudes about the candidate's association with Boss Tom Pendergast.