Stark, Lloyd C.

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Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to Tom Pendergast, writing that he is sending "a little fountain pencil" as a gift for Mrs. Pendergast.

Letter from Lloyd Stark to F. X. Teasdale, exprsesing his desire to delay the organization for Stark-for-Governor clubs across Missouri.

Letter from Jimmy Hurst to Lloyd C. Stark, advising Stark on strengthening certain political relationships for the upcoming campaign, including his connection with Jim Aylward. He also writes that Judge Ross "is one of the very last men T.J.

This letter provides the names of three prominent Missourians who can be of assistance to candidate Lloyd Stark's run for governor.

Letter from Olive Turner to Governor Lloyd C. Stark saying "it seems a shame that law abiding, tax-paying citizens have to get under cover and write to their Governor in order to live in this town." She expresses concerns about corruption, particularly at the state cosmetology board and the County Home for the Aged.

Letter from W. B. Massey to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, describing local support for the James Douglas campaign for Missouri Supreme Court, and he believes Douglas will win the county. His only concern is "the ability of the Pendergast machine to vote the WPA workers practically solid."

Letter from Colonel W. L. Bouchard describing a recent trip to Kansas City on behalf of the Stark-for-Governor campaign.

Letter from Dr. W. T. Elam to W. M. Marsh, discussing the alliances and influence of a "Dr. P." Elam clarifies that Dr. P's "loyalty will definitely be on the side of the Governor" but that "he and Dr. Bourke were both under obligation to Mr. P[endergast] for his endorsement."

Political cartoon and statement criticizing Lloyd Stark, Democratic candidate for Missouri Governor over the party's alleged theft of pension funds.

Portrait of Missouri Governor Lloyd C. Stark.

Letter from M. E. Montgomery to Missouri gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark discussing the attitudes of voters toward the Pendergast regime as it applies to the Governor's race.

Letter from Arthur Nelson, vice-chairman of the Missouri State Highway Department, to Lloyd C.