Stark, Lloyd C.

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Letter from Harry S. Truman to Lloyd C. Stark remarking that he thinks Stark has "an unbeatable machine lined up for the coming campaign" and offering to be of service.

Letter from Governor Lloyd C. Stark to W. W. Filkin regarding honest elections and voter intimidation.

Letter from Robert F. Nichols of Ashland, Missouri to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, writing to "congratulate [Stark] upon the noble fight [he is] waging against the Pendergast regime," and describing the difficulty he and his family members have had in securing work in jobs managed by the machine.

Letter from Robert L. Hyder to Lloyd C. Stark, expressing his pleasure that Stark has been endorsed by Tom Pendergast, and noting that he has a great deal of Democratic as well as Republican support.

Letter from Missouri Congressman Thomas J. Daggs to gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark assuring him of his support int he Democratic primary and warning of a challenge from Emmet O'Malley in November.

Letter from Charles Matthews to Claude Lambert asserting that Lloyd Stark will not be beholden to Tom Pendergast's interests, regardless of garnering his endorsement. This letter is a near replica of SHSMO-C0004-F08113-0001.

Anonymous letter recommending that Governor Stark investigate the WPA work being done in Kansas City.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to C. L. Chandler, requesting further information about other prospective candidates for governor and their support in Chandler's area of the state.

Letter from Helen N. Hall to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, describing pressure against WPA employees to support the Pendergast machine, and affirming her support for Stark's work as governor.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to William Ledbetter regarding a conversation with Bill Bartley and working with Tom Pendergast.

Letter from Bessie Peppard, to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, describing local women in her political organization being threatened by city employees.

Letter from Dr. W. T. Elam to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, reporting with concern that political candidates in northwest Missouri counties "are almost without exception afraid or hesitate to express theri attitude in regard to State issues because of their fear that there might be reprisals by the friends of the K.C.