Stark, Lloyd C.

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Letter from Ruby Henshaw describing the results of the recent elections in Kansas City, remarking that Tom Pendergast and his affiliates were victorious. She also comments on the poor state of economic affairs in Kansas City, and also provides some personal updates and business suggestions for Stark's nursery & orchard operation.

Letter from Walker C. Johnson to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, expressing happiness at James Douglas winning the Missouri Supreme Court election, but describing further corruption to be eliminated in his county and WPA.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to Missouri gubernatorial candidate Francis Wilson, recommending he help out Clarence Cannon in exchange for assistance on the campaign.

Letter from R. P. Spencer to Lloyd C. Stark suggesting Stark open his campaign in Fayette, William Hirth potentially running against him, and other campaign issues.

Letter from G. H. Smart to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, reporting suspicious hiring practices in the Works Progress Administration in Clair and Henry Counties, saying that he was "laid off becasue [he] didn't vote to suit the Pendergast bunch" while others who were unqualified received jobs.

Letter from Albert Seelig to Lloyd Stark in which he outlines the challenges of Germans obtaining work in the current political climate.

Telegram from St. Joseph Police Commissioner Richard Johnson to Lloyd C. Stark, congratulating Stark on receiving the Pendergast endorsement.

Letter from C.M. Fleming to Governor Stark regarding county political races in and around Versailles, Missouri. Fleming identifies Pendergast-aligned state employees and recommends one for dismissal.

Letter from H. R Conway of Marshall, Missouri updating gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark on the status of his campaign in Saline County.

Letter from J. H. Easley to Lloyd C. Stark discussing prospects in Stark's upcoming election. He writes that it is early in the campaign and "most of the talk is to find out who is going to be the strongest and who will [Pendergast] back."

Letter to Lloyd Stark in which W. M. Ledbetter informs him of information about Republican misdeeds in St. Louis, which may serve to distract the public from complaints about Stark's apparent affiliation with Tom Pendergast.

Letter from M. E. Hartman to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, unenforce rape and other crimes occurring in Kansas City.