Stark, Lloyd C.

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Letter from R. McD. Smith, Jr. to Lloyd C. Stark offering to write an article in support of Stark, and reporting positive sentiments about his campaign in Kansas City.

Letter from J. R. Smith to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, describing advertisements distributed around Kansas City to discredit James M. Douglas and promote Pendergast machine positions, and that "cards are being circulated by persons drawing big salaries from the State Liquor Dep."

Letter from Missouri gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark to W. H. Reed of St. Louis, thanking him for his support.

Letter from Dr. W. L. Brandon to Governor Lloyd C.

A series of letters from Mrs. W. W. Henderson to Lloyd Stark in which she characterizes his base of support across Missouri.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to Dr. W. Y. Foster reporting that there is strong support for his campaign reported by members of the Pendergast organization.

Letter from Mildred M. Oliver to Lloyd C. Stark, writing with concerns about property remaining with the wife of her murdered attorney and threats she's received from Sheriff Meany. She writes that "T.J. PENDERGAST AND JAMES A FARLEY ARE BOTH JUDAS DEMOCRATS."

Letter from Paul G. Koontz to Governor Lloyd C. Stark regarding the activities of election clerks and precinct captains in local elections. He is concerned that "Charter Party precinct captains insist on accompanying [election] clerks," and believes "the Election Board has the situation well in hand."

An anonymous letter praising Stark for his efforts to dismantle the Pendergast machine.

Letter from R. P. Spencer to Lloyd C. Clark discussing campaign logistics and courtesies and how various state politicians feel about his candidacy. He also discusses campaigning in Arrow Rock and Jefferson City, and warns that "a faction in St. Louis, friends of Igoe, and ...

Letter from Omar Robinson to candidate for Missouri governor, Lloyd Stark, advising him to speak out publicly against R. Emmet O'Malley, the Commissioner of Insurance.

Letter from Walker C. Johnson to Governor Lloyd C.