Stark, Lloyd C.

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Letter from Jesse Barret to I. N. Wilson discussing efforts to build a coalition in opposition to the Pendergast Machine. He also discusses rampant election fraud in Missouri using his 1936 candidacy as an example.

Letter from Jimmy Hurst to Lloyd C. Stark, congratulation Stark on receiving the endorsement of the Pendergast organization, and vowing to work "to see that you are elected by one of the greatest and highest figures of all time."

Letter from James McPherson Shockley to Missouri gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark, which includes an enclosed letter relative to converting Democratic voters to Stark's camp.

Letter from W. T. Foley to Governor Lloyd Stark describing an encounter with the Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department in which he was arrested at the city limit for speeding and had money taken by the officers.

Letter from an official of the Negro Democratic Club asking gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark for a letter asserting his intention to govern for all Missourians "regardless of race, creed or color."

Letter from W. M. Ledbetter, the secretary of the Stark for Governor Organization, updating Lloyd Stark on campaign activities across the state.

Letter from W. M. Ledbetter to Lloyd Stark updating him on plans to meet and discuss a labor matter in Louisiana, MO.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to Chas. W. Dickey, mentioning a trip to dedicate a statue of William Joel Stone and having to miss the Young Democratic banquet.

Letter from W. F. Enright to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, discussing support for James Douglas's Missouri Supreme Court campaign in Buchanan County.

Letter from Ralph F. Lozier to Clarence Cannon of Elsberry, Missouri. Lozier relates his political discussions with Thomas J. Pendergast, commenting on who might be adequate candidates for the following election.

Letter from N. Y. Foster to Lloyd C. Stark, prior to Stark's election as governor, noting that he is gaining Pendergast's support and should receive plenty of support from out-state voters. He writes that "Mr. Pendergast must endorse the strongest out state man, we know that man is you."

Letter from the Governor to Roy Glidewell, thanking him for his previous letter regarding Judge Dearing.