Stark, Lloyd C.

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Letter from Dr. W. L. Brandon to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, discussing state pension relief and the implications of the Townsend Recovery Plan.

Letter from Jesse Barrett to Frank R. Kent of the Baltimore Sun, describing his feelings about Senator Bennett Clark, particularly around the reappointment of U.S. Attorney Maurice Milligan.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to Chas. W. Dickey, mentioning a trip to dedicate a statue of William Joel Stone and having to miss the Young Democratic banquet.

Letter from H. R. Conway to gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark discussing potential difficulty winning Saline County, Missouri in the election.

Letter from N. Y. Foster to Lloyd C. Stark, prior to Stark's election as governor, noting that he is gaining Pendergast's support and should receive plenty of support from out-state voters. He writes that "Mr. Pendergast must endorse the strongest out state man, we know that man is you."

Letter from Joseph L. Mclemore to Missouri Governor Guy B. Park, thanking him for his support of Lincoln University during his tenure.

Letter from J. E. Woodmansee to Governor Lloyd C. Stark discussing work that remains to clean up voter registrations and other Board of Election Commissioners business.

Letter from Jack Stapleton to Lloyd Stark referencing Harry Truman's attitudes toward the Stark gubernatorial candidacy.

Letter from Howard Steel to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, congratulating him on James Douglas's success in the Missouri Supreme Court Democratic primary, and describing corruption in the Works Progress Administration.

Letter from F. M. Stamps to Robert Holliday, requesting to be put in touch with the Judge James Douglas campaign. Stamps is concerned about the lack of Douglas supporters working in Cass County.

Letter from William Hirth, publisher and managing editor of The Missouri Farmer, to Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. on April 13, 1940, regarding concerns over the New Deal. Hirth also attempts to rally support for Lloyd C. Stark for his efforts in dismantling the Pendergast Machine.

Letter from J. O. L. Goggin to Lloyd C. Stark offering assistance in Stark's gubernatorial campaign and making recommendations regarding his printed materials.