Stark, Lloyd C.

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In this letter, Robert E. Waldron invites candidate Lloyd Stark to speak at a political rally he is holding - "one of the largest political meetings Negroes have had in this county." He asks Stark to provide a $10 contribution to offset the cost of refreshments in exchange for speaking.

Letter from the Governor to Roy Glidewell, thanking him for his previous letter.

Letter from William M. Ledbetter to candidate Lloyd Stark, advising him on upcoming campaign meetings across Missouri.

Letter from William Kitchen to Lloyd C. Stark about Stark's campaign for Missouri governor, his military record, and veterans issues.

Letter from W. M. Ledbetter, secretary at the Stark for Governor Organization, to Lloyd C. Stark, during Stark's gubernatorial campaign. Ledbetter discusses labor contacts in Kansas City, including Cliff Langsdale.

Letter from W. W. Filkin to Governor Lloyd C. Stark regarding voter intimidation at Kansas City elections. He writes that the "presence of the police of this city is no protection," and reports that in his experience as a Republican election judge, he was "insulted, cursed many times, ...

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to James Pendergast, discussing upcoming campaign activities, including a Young Democratic Club Rally in Joplin, and a party he is holding at home ahead of the State Cornhusking Contest.

Excerpt of an article from the Kansas City Times that describes Kansas City's reputation as damaged by its domineering machine politics.

Letter from Thomas Y. Matley to J. W. McCammon, discussing bipartisan support for James Douglas in the campaign for Missouri Supreme Court in Clay and Platte Counties.

This letter from Kitchen recommends placing an advertisement in the 'Missouri Legionnaire' in response to one placed by his competitor in the gubernatorial primary. He concludes by encouraging Lloyd Stark to meet very soon with Tom Pendergast because he learned that the Kansas City strongman was soon to have surgery in New York.

Letter to the Governor from Mrs. L. M. Fry describing corruption and injustices occuring at her husband's job.

Flyer advertising a kickoff party for the opening of the Riverside Race Track.