Stark, Lloyd C.

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Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to R. P. Spencer, writing that he does have friends within the Pendergast organization but that he does "not intend to be a candidate of any faction or section, but of the whole Democratic Party in Missouri."

Letter from M. J. Sannebeck to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, describing losing his job for not supporting Pendergast and vowing to support James Douglas in the election for Missouri Supreme Court.

Letter from C. L. Chandler to Lloyd C. Stark regarding the feelings in Malden, Missouri, about the upcoming governors race and Stark's prospects in particular.

Letter that describe retaliation against a Kansas City employee who had collaborated with reformers, and including a St. Louis Star-Times clipping advocating the ouster of Matthew S. Murray as the state WPA director.

First page of a multi-page letter to Governor Lloyd Stark, encouraging him to remove R. Emmet O'Malley from his position as Insurance Commissioner.

Letter from Mrs. W. A. Judd, a Kansas City election judge, to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, describing her concern about corruption and criminality in the upcoming election and requesting additional protection at the polls. She believes "Kansas City has no protection for any one but the criminal element."

Letter from Frank Page to William Kitchen in response to a previous letter. Page indicates that an unnamed person, mentioned in an earlier clipping, does not work, and does not farm in particular.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to Ernest O. Boone thanking him for his information about conditions in Boone County and "the attitude of the Negro Democrats."

Letter from James Espy of St. Louis to missouri gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark about his candidacy. He also discusses Tom Pednergast's attempts to take over the St. Louis Republican party as he had done in Kansas City.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to James M. Pendergast discussing family health and his orchards, as well as the business of the last state legislature.

Letter from Wilce Curtner to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, reporting that a Steele citizen named A. A. Kelley, "a prominent merchant of this city," who is "well known in the political circles of this section," was becoming a Stark supporter after he and his family were allied with the Pendergast machine.

Letter from W. R. Reavis to Lloyd C. Stark. Reavis writes that Pendergast's support is a good goal, but that he believes Stark's candidacy could still be successful without that endorsement.