Stark, Lloyd C.

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Letter from W. M. Ledbetter, secretary at the Stark for Governor Organization, to Lloyd C. Stark, during Stark's gubernatorial campaign. Ledbetter discusses labor contacts in Kansas City, including Cliff Langsdale.

Letter from Jimmy Hurst to Johnny Wurzer promoting Lloyd Stark's candidacy for governor and asking him to "get them talking Stark" in Liberty.

Letter from the Governor to Roy Glidewell, thanking him for his previous letter regarding Judge Dearing.

Anonymous letter to Gov. Stark complaining about the operation of illegal nightclubs and gambling in Independence.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to James Pendergast, discussing upcoming campaign activities, including a Young Democratic Club Rally in Joplin, and a party he is holding at home ahead of the State Cornhusking Contest.

Letter from Mrs. T. N. Moore to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, noting that it is one of many from women requesting additional protection at the polls during the upcoming election, and describing illegal activities and threats at prior elections.

Letter from Ben Hulse of Hannibal, Missouri discussing the affect of the fraternal insurance affair on support for Stark in the gubernatorial primary.

Letter from Pleas Malcom to gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark congratulating him on his recent endorsement by Tom Pendergast of Kansas City.

Letter from Carl G. Ryder to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, thanking him for his work looking into Machine influence, pleding his vote for James M. Douglas, and expressing belief that public support for Pendergast is waning: "Inclined to believe 'Tom's' sun is slowly setting."

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to Ernest O. Boone agreeing to write a letter of endrosement to the governor.

Letter from Jimmy Hurst to Lloyd C. Stark, congratulation Stark on receiving the endorsement of the Pendergast organization, and vowing to work "to see that you are elected by one of the greatest and highest figures of all time."

Letter alerting the Governor to the illegal activities of Roy Fulton, president of the union democratic club in Kansas City and operator of a brewery.