Stark, Lloyd C.

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Political advertisement, disparaging Democratic candidate for governor, Lloyd C. Stark, for being endorsed by Tom Pendergast.

Letter from Lloyd L. Cantrell to Lloyd C. Stark providing information about the attitudes of voters in Newton County, and also providing his opinion on William Hirth potentially running against Stark. He writes that Hirth's candidacy "need not cause you a moments worry because he can't handle his own organization ...

Letter from Virgil Reddington to Governor Lloyd C. Stark. Reddington writes to report on the state of the election rolls in the Seventh Ward, and to mention that he lost his job as a city fireman after refusing to accept a large salary cut. He hopes the governor can help him to obtain employment.

In this letter, Robert E. Waldron invites candidate Lloyd Stark to speak at a political rally he is holding - "one of the largest political meetings Negroes have had in this county." He asks Stark to provide a $10 contribution to offset the cost of refreshments in exchange for speaking.

Letter from F. W. Amick to Lloyd C. Stark reporting that Stark is already receiving positive support in his run for governor and offering future assistance.

Letter from William M. Ledbetter to candidate Lloyd Stark, advising him on upcoming campaign meetings across Missouri.

Letter from Ralph B. Shepard to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, concerned about the safety and honesty of upcoming elections. He claims that "on Election day [the machine will] allow 20 votes to the Honest people and 630 to the Crooked Machine."

Letter from W. M. Ledbetter, secretary at the Stark for Governor Organization, to Lloyd C. Stark, during Stark's gubernatorial campaign. Ledbetter discusses labor contacts in Kansas City, including Cliff Langsdale.

Text of a Kansas City Star article on the August 4, 1936 election in Kansas City. It describes ballot boxes being removed before polls closed, threats made against voters, fake votes, and other problems. Joe Shannon is quoted as saying the election was "so corrupt it was a disgrace to American civilization."

Anonymous letter to Lloyd Stark complaining about an illegal tavern near Rockville, Missouri.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to James Pendergast, discussing upcoming campaign activities, including a Young Democratic Club Rally in Joplin, and a party he is holding at home ahead of the State Cornhusking Contest.

Letter from Ruth Vawter to Governor Lloyd C. Stark. Vawter writes regarding Mrs. Marie S. Barnhill, former Area Supervisor of Women's Work for the WPA in Webster County.