Stark, Lloyd C.

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Portrait of Missouri Governor Lloyd C. Stark.

Letter from M. E. Hartman to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, unenforce rape and other crimes occurring in Kansas City.

Letter from Mrs. N. L. Dwinnett to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, describing a threat she received suggesting she would lose her pension unless she voted for James Billings for Missouri Supreme Court. She pledges her support to Stark and James Douglas.

Letter from E. R. Holland to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, regarding Dr. W. L. Brandon's alleged statement that "two carloads of Douglas supporters couldn't be found in all Southeast Missouri." Holland reports that there are in fact numerous Douglas supporters in the town of Kennett and the county at large.

Letter from Teasdale in which he asks Lloyd Stark to visit his town of Farmington and assure some Democratic voters that he is not the pawn of Tom Pendergast.

Letter from Claude Manlove to members of the Woodmen of World urging them to support Missouri candidates who will not pursue the taxation of dues and insurance premiums paid to fraternal societies.

Letter from an unknown constituent in Kansas City complaining about the illegal activities of a pool hall in northeast Kansas City.

Document listing Alice Blakely's work experience, endorsements, and personal information.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to J. O. L. Goggin regarding his offer to provide printing to Stark's campaign.

Letter from Harry H. Watts, to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, telling Stark that he has a good reputation in Kansas City, "too good to throw away to favor some gangsters," and hoping that extra protection will be brought in to ensure fair voting in upcoming elections.

Letter from E. L. Preston to Lloyd C. Stark, noting the positive reception Stark had received at a Missouri Press Association meeting, as well as offering his support for the campaign. Preston also encloses a letter he sent to Tom Pendergast regarding Stark.

Letter from F. M. Stamps to Robert Holliday, requesting to be put in touch with the Judge James Douglas campaign. Stamps is concerned about the lack of Douglas supporters working in Cass County.