Stark, Lloyd C.

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Letter from Mrs. N. L. Dwinnett to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, describing a threat she received suggesting she would lose her pension unless she voted for James Billings for Missouri Supreme Court. She pledges her support to Stark and James Douglas.

Letter from H. R Conway of Marshall, Missouri updating gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark on the status of his campaign in Saline County.

Letter from E. R. Holland to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, regarding Dr. W. L. Brandon's alleged statement that "two carloads of Douglas supporters couldn't be found in all Southeast Missouri." Holland reports that there are in fact numerous Douglas supporters in the town of Kennett and the county at large.

Letter to Lloyd Stark in which W. M. Ledbetter informs him of information about Republican misdeeds in St. Louis, which may serve to distract the public from complaints about Stark's apparent affiliation with Tom Pendergast.

Letter frin T. W. Griffith to Missouri candidate for Governor, Lloyd Stark offering his assistance in securing the votes of miners across Missouri.

Letter from Clarence Cannon to Mrs. Charles L. Powell asking to show the accompanying letter to Stark and then destroy it.

Letter from Mrs. Liona McCormick to Governor Lloyd C.

Letter from Eleanor W. Carroll to Lloyd C. Stark, prior to Stark's election as governor. The letter addresses a dinner held by the Clarksville Women's Chamber of Commerce that Stark was unable to attend, and his concern that his absence was poorly received. Carroll promises to make his regrets known.

Letter from S. P. Lidell to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, commending Stark for his work for Judge James Douglas and against the Pendergast machine. He writes: "My idea of Democracy, my dear Governor, is not the Pendergast machine-made kind."

Political advertisement in the form of a letter to Missouri voters which characterizes Lloyd Stark as a corrupt affiliate of the Pendergast machine.

Letter from F. M. Stamps to Robert Holliday, requesting to be put in touch with the Judge James Douglas campaign. Stamps is concerned about the lack of Douglas supporters working in Cass County.

Letter from D. L. Owen to Lloyd Stark, assuring him that his support is strong in the county, despite their anti-Pendergast attitudes.