Stark, Lloyd C.

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Letter from Byron Ball to Lloyd Stark, reporting on a recent speech and campaign rally held by his opponent in the Governor's race, Jessee Barrett.

Letter from Jimmy Hurst to Mrs. Powell regarding Stark's campaign and marshalling machine support.

Letter from S. Powell, assistant to Lloyd C. Stark, to J. O. L. Goggin, acknowledging receipt of his letter and informing Goggin that Stark is out of town.

Letter from William Hirth to Judge James T. Montgomery, including an article by Hirth titled "Why the Politicians Hate Stark." The article discusses Stark's work against the Pendergast machine and endorses James Douglas for the Missouri Supreme Court.

Letter that identifies two Missouri officials whose activities are troubling to the author.

Letter from E. L. Preston to Tom Pendergast, congratulating his endorsement of Lloyd Stark for governor.

Letter from George M. Morris to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, writing regarding the development of a road between Jerico Springs and El Dorado Springs. He also discusses political appointments in Jerico Springs.

Letter from J. H. Easley to Lloyd C. Stark discussing prospects in Stark's upcoming election. He writes that it is early in the campaign and "most of the talk is to find out who is going to be the strongest and who will [Pendergast] back."

Transcript of a speech given by candidate Lloyd Stark on the eve of the Missouri elections. The speech was given over KSD radio on Monday, Nov. 2 from 4:45 to 5 p.m.

Letter from M. E. Hartman to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, unenforce rape and other crimes occurring in Kansas City.

Letter from Waldron explaining his disappointment in being rejected by the Stark campaign. He indiciates his intention to return to Topeka, Kansas.

Letter from Harry S. Truman to Lloyd C. Stark indicating that he supports Stark's campaign for governor and making suggestions for campaign staff and equipment. He suggests "it would be a good plan to discuss the whole situation iwth Jim Aylward and Jim Pendergast, and abide by the conclusion that the three of you come to."