Walsh, Jerome

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To the Members of the Woman's Benefit Association

Letter from May Sommers, State Field Director of the Women's Benefit Association, informing members about a lawsuit brought against their society and other fraternal organizations in Missouri.

From Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. to Jerome Walsh

Letter from Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. to Hon. Jerome Walsh on May 11, 1932. Mitchell inquires what intention Thomas J. Pendergast and James A. Reed might have during their trip to Chicago.

"'Boss' Pendergast Admits Calling on Postmaster-General Farley to Stop Prosecution of Johnny Lazia"

Clipping from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on December 1, 1934. The article provides a reproduction of the letter sent from Tom Pendergast to James A. Farley in which Pendergast asks for clemency for John Lazia. The clipping also includes portraits of Farley and Pendergast. After the reproduction, the newspaper provides information on people mentioned in the letter, including William T. Kemper, Sr., Jerome Walsh, and Frank P. Walsh.