Catholic Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph

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St. Aloysius Young Ladies Sodality

Photograph of fifteen members of the St. Aloysius Young Ladies Sodality with toys to be donated in their mission work.

St. Aloysius Corpus Christi Procession

Photograph of the St. Aloysius Corpus Christi Procession on June 15, 1941. This vantage point faces south-southeast from the northwest corner of 11th Street and Prospect Avenue.

St. Aloysius Band

Photograph of the St. Aloysius Band, W. H. Ragan, director. This vantage point faces east on Prospect Avenue just south of 11th Street.

St. Agnes Convent Lily Pond

Photograph of a lily pond on the grounds of the St. Agnes Convent. This vantage point faces south-southeast with the auditorium and gym of St. Agnes Academy in the background.

St. Agnes Convent Chapel

Photograph of the chapel at the Saint Agnes Convent, Kansas City, Missouri.

Souvenir of the 50th Anniversary, Sisters of Mercy, Kansas City

Souvenir of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Sisters of Mercy, Kansas City. Included are photographs of Bishop Thomas F. Lillis, Reverend John P. Prendergast, and other local clergy. Also included is a history of the Sisters of Mercy in Kansas City along with building photographs of the First Convent of Mercy in Kansas City and St. Agnes Academy Chapel. Notable political figures paying compliments include the 12th Ward Democratic Club, 10th Ward Democratic Club, Thomas J. Pendergast, James M. Pendergast, and D. M. Nigro.

Society of St. Angelo de Licata

Photograph of members of the Society of Saint Angelo de Licata. Most members were from Licata, Sicily and worshipped at Holy Rosary parish.

Sisters Mary Philomena and Mary Bertile

Photograph of Sister Mary Philomena (left) and Sister Mary Bertile (right). Sister Bertile gave private art lessons at St. Agnes Academy and the aunt of Mons. James Divine. Sister Philomena taught in several parochial schools, including Holy Cross.

Sisters Marie Rosemarie and Mary Pauline

Photograph of St. Agnes Academy teachers Sister Marie Rosemarie and Sister Mary Pauline.

Sister Mary Alexis

Photograph of Sister Mary Alexis, Mother Superior of St. Agnes Convent for six years.

Silver Sacerdotal Jubilee of The Very Reverend Marshall Francis Winne

Souvenir Program on the occasion of the Silver Sacerdotal Jubilee of the Very Reverend Marshall Francis Winne, C. M., Ph. D., Pastor of St. Vincent's Church, Kansas City, Missouri. Included are photographs of Thomas F. Lillis, Marshall Francis Winne, and the interior and exterior of St. Vincent's Church.

Silver Jubilee of Msgr. James N. V. McKay

Photograph of the St. Peter's Church altar during the Silver Jubilee for Monsignor James N. V. McKay, pastor of St. Peter's.