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Harry S. Truman's Kansas City Club certificate of membership and receipt for the same. As of October 3, 1919, Truman had payed the full membership and initiation fee of $275.00.

Letter from Senator Harry S. Truman to Kansas City City Manager L. P. Cookingham. Truman agrees with Cookingham in his desire to facilitate a new Kansas City airport and encourages Cookingham to pursue the landed needed for its development.

Letter from W. F. Woodruff to Harry S. Truman in which Woodruff approves Democratic Union membership to five of the men Truman recommended in previous correspondence. Woodruff urges Truman in "making these persons real converts to our cause...".

Letter from Harry S. Truman in Washington D.C. to his wife Bess in Independence, Missouri.

Letter from Young Democratic Club of Eastern Jackson County President Jewell B. Hodge to Senator Harry S. Truman. Hodge writes Truman on behalf of Judge Leslie I. George requesting a solution for the political situation currently affecting Independence, Missouri Mayor Roger T. Sermon and James M. Pendergast.

Letter from Senator Harry S. Truman to Independence, Missouri Mayor Roger T. Sermon. Truman responds to Sermon's letter of the 14th, commenting that he could fix James M. Pendergast's problems if he could be in Kansas City for a month.

Letter from "Lafe" of Linn, Missouri to Kansas City attorney Fred A. Boxley in which Lafe asks Boxley to offer Truman his congratulations in his senate primary campaign victory. He then describes the political atmosphere in Osage County, Missouri where Republicans are warning of Pendergast influence.

The first and sixth page of The Kansas City Labor Herald, Volume 37, No. 27 from Friday, August 2, 1940. The official publication of the American Federation of Labor in Kansas City, Missouri on this edition's front page a favorable article of Harry S. Truman and his 1940 campaign for U.S. Senator.

Letter from Judge Harry S. Truman to Judge George J. Dodd of Greenwood, Missouri in which Truman states his desire to cancel the county deficit as well as improve roads.

The Truman for U.S. Senator 1940 Club member cards of C. A. Schutty and Alvin Roberts. Active members are those that have "pledged active support in the coming campaign." Included on the card is a small, monochromatic drawing of Harry S. Truman.

Portrait of Thomas J. Pendergast around 1900. From the book, "Independence As It Is."

Letter from Gallup Map & Supply Co. President F. E. Gallup to Harry S. Truman. The letter serves as confirmation of delivery of 15,000 Jackson County maps to be used for Truman's judge campaign. The back of the letter includes a 1916 sample map of Kansas City, Missouri.