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Letter from Harry S. Truman in Washington D.C. to his wife Bess in Independence, Missouri. In this letter, Truman discusses his 1940 campaign for Senate reelection: "I wished then I'd never made the fight. But it was a good fight... I hope some good fact-finder will make a record of that campaign. It will be history someday."

A longhand note written by Harry S. Truman while he was a judge for Jackson County, Missouri. In this note, Truman recounts his childhood and early adulthood. Notable events described include his first encounters with his future wife, Bess Wallace; his start in politics at the hands of Mike Pendergast; and his decision to join the military.

A short biography and profile of William Marshall Boyle, Jr. made for journalist Doris Fleeson. Boyle was the Pendergast precinct captain of the 8th Ward in Kansas City and then appointed by Mayor Bryce B. Smith to Director of the Kansas City Police Department.

Letter from William A. Kitchen to Senator Harry S. Truman in which Kitchen discusses Franklin D. Roosevelt's unpopularity among World War veterans. Kitchen suggests that the President must attend the American Legion National Convention in St. Louis that year if he intends to visit the following year during his reelection campaign.

Letter from C. A. Capellis to Judge Harry S. Truman. This document serves as a recommendation for Charlie Roberts of Independence, Missouri for employment as "superintendent of the County Home for Colored People south of this city."

An article by Kenneth P. Middleton entitled "Democratic Rift Widens Over Jobs", included in the Kansas City Journal issue of July 30, 1940. The article concerns a disagreement between democratic factions in Kansas City as to which democratic candidates to endorse.

Harry S. Truman is being sworn in as a judge of the county court of Jackson County, Missouri. Left to Right: Edward Becker, County Clerk; Eugene Purcell, Judge of Eastern District; Harry Truman, Presiding Judge; W. O. Beeman, Judge of Western District. From: Petey Childers.

Letter from William A. Kitchen to Senator Harry S. Truman in which Kitchen requests Truman's help in confirming his sister, Elizabeth Kitchen Black, as Postmaster of Mound City, Missouri. Kitchen also requests an autographed portrait of Truman for Kitchen to hang in his office.

Letter from Harry S. Truman at the Hotel Robidoux in St. Joseph, Missouri to his wife Bess in Independence, Missouri. In the letter, Truman mentions sharing his hotel room with James Pendergast during an American Legion State Convention. Truman comments that James is, "a nice boy and as smart as the old man he's named for."

Letter from Senator Harry S. Truman to William A. Kitchen in which Truman states he is glad that Walton and Kitchen had a agreeable discussion concerning the WPA controversy. He then comments on how rural carrier positions are filled, including the one currently open in Ash Grove, Missouri.

Letter from Harry S. Truman in Kansas City, Missouri to his wife Bess in Biloxi, Mississippi. In this letter, Truman updates Bess on his day and his Jackson County Courthouse proposal to Conrad Mann, Henry F. McElroy, and Ruby Garrett.

Letter from William A. Kitchen to Senator Harry S. Truman in which Kitchen encourages Truman to give K. E. Long of Newburg, Missouri a job under Mr. Murray. Kitchen finds Long to be "well connected politically in Phelps County and I am, therefore, extremely anxious that he be placed on the payroll at the earliest possible date."