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Photograph of five members of the Merriam Homemakers Club in 1936. The women are identified as, from left to right, Mrs. X. O. (Nellie) Meyer, Mrs. Lee (Etta) Cox, Mrs. Abe Peachy, Mrs. Frank Miller, and Mrs. Louis Stark. The women stand in a row near the porch of a house. Mrs.

Photograph of a group gathered for the Merriam Homemakers Club "Dad's Night" in 1921. The party took place in the home of Lee and Etta Cox. Eight seated women are surrounded by eight men who are seated or standing. The club, initially founded in 1913 as a "mother's club," ended in 2015.

Photograph of the back and backyard of house at 5528 Glenwood Street in Mission, Kansas, in 1941. The house, owned by Marvin Nye, has a bird bath and Adirondack chairs in the back yard of the one-story wood-sided house. Mrs. Nye can be seen kneeling on the ground next to the family dog.

Postcard of view along Pembroke Lane in Mission Hills, Kansas, circa 1920. Looking southeast along Pembroke Lane from the front yard of 5620 Pembroke Lane, the postcard depicts a small stone bridge allowing a driveway to cross over a drainage area, flower beds, and trees.

Photograph of the dedication of a DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) marker commemorating the location of the Baptist Mission to the Shawnee Indians in 1929. The site, called Mission Ridge, is located near 55th and Walmer in what was later Mission, Kansas. The location was also the site of the first printing press in Kansas in 1833.

Photograph of the staff of the Johnson County treasurer's office in 1918. The eleven staff members, six men and five women, stand on the steps of a brick building in front of a wrought iron railing.

Photograph of a house at 5614 Newton Street in Mission, Kansas, circa 1940. The house, built by A. B. Dillie, features a sloped gabled roof, small dormer windows, and an arched entryway. The entry is flanked by larger evergreens.

Photograph of a house at 5821 W. 61st Terrace in Mission, Kansas, circa 1941. The house has a one-car garage, screened porch, and gravel driveway, and was built in 1941.

Photograph of a two-story house at 5704 W. 61st Terrace in Mission, Kansas, circa 1940. The house has a one-car garage, bay window, and screened porch, and was built in 1939.

Photograph of a road under construction in the Countryside area, later Mission, Kansas, circa 1940. The road, likely Shawnee Mission Parkway, is surrounded by trees and bare soil, and has two metal trash cans standing next to paved areas. The road rises up an include to the left toward the background of the image.

Photograph of Countryside Christian Church in Countryside, later Mission, Kansas, circa 1942. The church building is pictured surrounded by trees, looking east from across Nall Avenue. The building was dedicated on April 12, 1942, and was destroyed by fire in 1944. It was rebuilt in 1945.

Photograph of past presidents of the Merriam Homemakers Club circa 1921. The ten women, dressed in long dresses, stand looking at the camera at an outdoor location. Leafless trees are visible in the background. The women are identified, from left to right, as Etta Cox, unknown, Mrs. Abe Peachy, Mrs. Louis Stark, unknown, Nellie Meyer, Mrs. C.