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Photograph of four men standing in front of Scheper's garage and hardware store in the early 1900s. The shop was located on Santa Fe Road between 79th and 80th Streets in downtown Overland Park, Kansas. 

Photograph of a Strang Land Company building at 80th and Santa Fe Road in the early 1900s. A man stands at the front of the building. The Strang Land Company was formed by William Strang to subdivide and sell land near his interurban railway line in Johnson County, Kansas. The building was later destroyed by fire.

Photograph of the Strang Line car barn after it was destroyed by fire in 1925. Two men are seen walking through the rubble, and a trolley car is visible in the background of the image between stone columns. 

Strang Line Car

Photograph of the front section of a Strang Line trolley car in the early 1900s. A man is seen walking alongside the car, while another stands inside it.

Photograph of a Strang Line trolley car passing in front of tall wooden fence at Aviation Park in the 1910s. The airfield and park was roughly located between 83rd Street on the north and 87th Street on the south, and and Lowell Avenue on the west and Riley Street on the east. 

Photograph of a trolley car traveling along the Strang Line interurban railway tracks in the early 1900s. A stone car barn and engine room are visible in the background. 

Photograph of Shawnee Mission Rural High School, looking southwest from Johnson Drive, in the early 1920s. The two-story brick building with arched entryway opened in 1922, was renamed Shawnee Mission High School in 1945, and became Shawnee Mission North High School in 1958.