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Photograph of a group of 15-20 young men working in the Shawnee Mission Rural High School shop, circa 1935. The photograph is labeled as Future Farmers of America "Cooperative Activities," and the students are pictured doing a variety of activities, including metal working at an anvil, and constructing wooden crates.

Photograph of a group of young men gathered near two bars at Porter Dairy Farm in Overland Park, Kansas, circa 1930. The barns are built from stone on their lower levels and have wood siding on the second levels. The group of 25 young men wear a variety of clothing, including overalls, hats, and neckties.

Photograph of downtown Merriam, Kansas, circa 1935. Looking north from the corner of Main Street and Merriam Avenue, the unpaved road is lined with businesses, utility poles, and parked vehicles. One sign reads "Mueller's Market," while others advertise real estate, a cafe, a drugstore, and Coca-Cola. 

Photograph of the Hoge Funeral Home building at 8024 Santa Fe Drive, in the 1930s. Originally built as a home for the Charles Pincomb family, the building became the site of Hoge Funeral Home in 1932. The business operated in this location until 1965 when the house was razed and a new funeral home building constructed to the south.

Photograph of George W. Jensen's house and dairy farm in Prairie Village, Kansas, circa 1940. The Tudor-style house, located at 2821 West 75th Street, is pictured with a barn and other outbuildings, along with a parked truck, located to the west. A dusting of snow covers the lawn and bushes, and trees are bare of leaves.

Photograph of members of the Olathe Methodist Epicopal Church choir gathered outdoors on July 4, 1918. Handwriting on the photo notes that the choir is at London Heights, presumably the church in Kansas City, Kansas. Harry VanLandingham, secretary of the choir, stands at the far right of the group.

Photograph of a young man kneeling with a dog, surrounded by dead rats, circa 1922. The young man, identified as Harold Dunham, is the son of William Dunham, superintendent of the Johnson County Poor Farm from 1917 to 1923. He is posed with a dog identified as Toodles, who was responsible for killing the 30+ rats at the farm.

Photograph of a woman relaxing in a hammock, surrounded by a flock of chickens, at the Schultzel farm circa 1937. The woman, identified as Mrs. Nichols, is dressed in a blouse and skirt, and was visiting the farm as a member of the Broadway Methodist Church of Kansas City, Missouri.

Photograph of a group of nine women seated near a flock of chickens at the Schultzel Farm circa 1937. The women, part of a Broadway Methodist Church (Kansas City, MO) women's group.

Photograph of two young women driving a horse buggy at the Schultzel Farm circa 1937. Suzanne Schutzel, on the left, holds the horse's reins, while the other young women holds a parasol to shade them. The 55-acre farm, near 135th Street (then Kansas Highway 150) and Switzer Street, was owned by Emil J.

Photograph of a group of Campfire Girls riding on a hayrack at Schutzel Farm circa 1935. Emil Schutzel II stands at the front of the hayrack, holding the reins of two horses, with his son, Emil Schutzel III at his rear.

Photograph of 11 young girls gathered around and feeding a flock of birds on the Schutzel Farm, circa 1935. The 55-acre farm, near 135th Street (then Kansas Highway 150) and Switzer Street, was owned by Emil J. and Dorothy Schutzel from 1934 to 1960. The girls were participating in the Campfire Girls program.