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Thamon Hayes’ Rockets at Fairyland

Thamon Hayes’ Rockets on stage at Fairyland Park, ca. 1930. Fairyland Park was located at the southeast corner of Prospect Avenue and 75th Street. Pictured from left: Harlan Leonard, alto sax; Vic Dickenson, trombone; Herman Walder, alto sax & clarinet; Hayes, trombone; Woody Walder, tenor sax & clarinet; Richard Smith, trumpet; Booker Washington, trumpet; Ed Lewis, trumpet; Charles "Crook" Goodwin, banjo & vocals; Samuel "Baby" Lovett, drums; Vernon Page, bass & tuba; Jesse Stone, piano, arranger & conductor. Source: Claude Williams.

T. H. Holder’s Orchestra

T. H. Holder’s orchestra posed with instruments; Claude Williams on left end. Source: Claude Williams.

Soup Line and Casimir J. Welch

Soup line during the Depression; Casimir J. Welch with woman in lower inset photo, no date. For over thirty years, Casimir Welch controlled “Little Tammany,” 36 precincts east of downtown, for Thomas J. Pendergast. Source: Bernard Ragan.

Shubert Theatre program cover

The cover of the September 1920 program for the Shubert Theatre in Kansas City, Missouri. It includes an advertisement for the Gregory Motor Company on the bottom of the page.

Ruby D. Garrett

Portrait of Ruby D. Garrett, Chairman of the Program Committee for the American Legion Convention, ca. 1921. Source: Kansas City Museum (George Fuller Green Collection).

Rubins Flapper Dress

Circa 1926 beige flapper dress with beaded floral detail sold by Rubins, Kansas City, Missouri.

Robert A. Long and Admiral Beatty

Robert A. Long and Admiral David Richard Beatty riding in procession car to Liberty Memorial, 1921.

Robert A. Long

Studio portrait of Robert A. Long, taken in the Salon of Corinthian Hall, ca. 1915. Corinthian Hall is located on Gladstone Boulevard between Walrond Avenue and Indiana Avenue. Long was the founder of the Long-Bell Lumber Company.

Retail Liquor Dealer Special Tax Stamp

1940 Special Tax Stamp receipt for Paradise Inn in order to act as a retail liquor dealer. Paradise Inn was once located near the intersection of Highway 40 and Skiles Avenue near the eastern limits of Kansas City, Missouri. Source: Ida Minturn.

Prof. Adolph von Blitzen's Little German Band

Business card of Professor Adolph von Blitzen's “Little German Band,” no date. The card describes the band as "Radio Artists - Old Time Music." The back of the card reads, "Wanted -- A girl with good reputation who can cook frog legs and who can stand a little future fun at parties and frolicking without getting sick. Make application to holder." Source: Kansas City Museum Association.

Postmaster Congratulating Pilot at American Legion Field

Negative of postmaster congratulating pilot on first airmail run, October 31, 1921. The temporary service lasted four days. This photograph was taken by R. S. Knowlson at the American Legion field. American Legion field was located at 67th St. and Belinder Road (now Avenue) in Mission Hills, Kansas. The image includes Ford Harvey, George Conner and L. H. Garrison in the frame. Source: Lou Holland Aviation Collection, courtesy of the Kansas City Museum.

Pla-Mor Pool

Pla Mor pool without swimmers, taken by Cresswell's Photo Studio, Kansas City, Missouri, ca. 1939. The Pla-Mor was located at 3142 Main Street in Kansas City, Missouri. Source: Art McClure/Jennie Belle Peters.