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Exhibit used in evidence for Case No. 30588: State of Missouri, Respondent, vs. Maurice W. Nagle, Appellant. This portrait of Nagle was taken by Anderson Photo Studio on June 20, 1928 while Nagle was in custody after an alleged robbery six days prior.

Transcript of the application to suspend or revoke the license of Peter and Joseph DiGiovanni, doing business as Midwest Distributing Company, 1109 Cherry Street, Kansas City, Missouri in Case No. 548628: Missouri vs. Peter DiGiovanni and Joseph DiGiovanni.

Application of Peter DiGiovanni and Joseph DiGiovanni, to amend answers to questions 6 and 6(a) in the last long form application for a license to operate a wholesale liquor business, dated July 1, 1946 and July 1, 1947.