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Photograph of the Inglenook Apartments, once located at the northeast corner of The Paseo and 8th Street.

Photograph of a Butler Blackhawk airplane, only one of eleven produced by the Butler Aircraft Corporation, a subsidiary of Butler Manufacturing Company of Kansas City. This aircraft, reg. #NC599H, was used as a National U.S. Air Express training biplane.

Photograph of Anderson Photo Company employees playing croquet at the company picnic at Winnwood Beach. Winnwood Beach was once located near the present intersection of Northeast Chouteau Trafficway and Interstate 35.

Photograph showing staff and patients in waiting room of the Alfred Benjamin Dispensary, once located on the north side of Admiral Boulevard between Harrison Street and Troost Avenue.

Photograph of the Israel Transfer Company Building, once located on the east side of Grand Avenue (Grand Boulevard) between 22nd Street and 23rd Street.

Photograph of the Lindenwood Apartments at the northwest corner of 30th Street and Harrison Street. Also pictured is the Stratten Hall Apartments adjacent to the left.

Photograph of men standing around a Nicolas-Beazley NB-3P monoplane at Municipal Airport. The airplane, reg. #9314, was produced by the Nicholas-Beazley Airplane Company of Marshall, Missouri.

Photograph of a farewell dinner of Anderson Photo Company employees at Pickwick Hotel for Roger Odneal, who was leaving for the army.

Photograph showing women in a sitting area in the interior of the Catherine Hale Home for Blind Women.

Photograph of the Altoona Apartments (later renamed the Concord Apartments), once located on the south side of 8th Street between Troost Avenue and Forest Avenue.

Photograph of the Naples and Venice Apartments, located on the west side of Central Street between Armour Boulevard and 36th Street.

Photograph of a Rearwin Ken-Royce 2000-C biplane, reg. #NC12579, constructed by Rearwin Airplanes Inc., Fairfax, Kansas City, Kansas.