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News clipping detailing 1940 mayoral candidates present at Athenaeum forum. Candidates addressed club members at the Athenaeum club house at 900 Linwood Boulevard. 

News clipping summarizing pledges made by mayoral candidates John B. Gage and Flavel Robertson at Athenaeum forum in 1940.

News clipping of Flavel Robertson, Democratic mayoral candidate in 1940 reform election, at Athenaeum Forum.

Portrait of John B. Gage, reform mayoral candidate in 1940.

New clipping detailing several resolutions passed by the Athenaeum club.

Athenaeum meeting notes documenting internal discussion about direct political involvement. A list of questions about how club forum time should be used. Forums were club wide events addressing issues of the day.

Portrait of Elsie Child (Mrs. H. C. Child), president of the Kansas City Athenaeum 1938-1940. Portrait of Leona Koehler Ryan (Mrs. L. K. Ryan), president of the Kansas City Athenaeum 1940-1942.

Promotional pamphlet from the Curtiss-Wright Flying school.

Reprint of a J.C. Nichols article regarding a new subdivision opening in Kansas City. He gives an account of the struggles and successes of the development of this new subdivision and as a real-estate agent.

The Officers of the Society the Society for Suppression of Commercialized Vice's platform against vice and prostitution. The article covers the clean-up efforts taken to counter vice and how law enforcement is cracking down on all law violators. Document contains a reprint of a letter and the text of the Abatement Act.

The University School of Christianity presents "The Growth of Unity," an address Lowell Fillmore gave in July, 1923, at the Unity Conference and Healing Revival. Fillmore recounts  the hardships he experienced growing and the Christian influence his parents had on him.

An excerpt of John Q. Adams's doctoral thesis about the physical and cultural characteristics of the North Kansas City Urban District. Adams characterizes the district both as a unit and in relation to Kansas City, Missouri across the river. He concludes his study with a discussion of the implications for future changes in the landscape.