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Photograph of the Naples and Venice Apartments, located on the west side of Central Street between Armour Boulevard and 36th Street.

Photograph of a Rearwin Ken-Royce 2000-C biplane, reg. #NC12579, constructed by Rearwin Airplanes Inc., Fairfax, Kansas City, Kansas.

Photograph of a farewell dinner of Anderson Photo Company employees at Pickwick Hotel for Roger Odneal, who was leaving for the army.

Photograph showing women preparing food in the kitchen of the Interdenominational Home for Girls, located on the west side of Swope Parkway just south of 63rd Street.

Photograph of the Avon Apartments, located on the east side of The Paseo between 30th Street and 31st Street. This vantage point faces east-northeast with Troost Park in the foreground and the apartment building in the background.

Photograph of the Park Lane Apartments, located on the west side of Mill Creek Parkway (presently J C Nichols Parkway) between just north of 46th Street Terrace.

Photograph of Lou Holland, Conrad Mann and other unidentified people at the Municipal Airport dedication.

Photograph of Anderson Photo Company employees posed at a "steak-fry" event at an unidentified location.

Photograph of the Jefferson Home for Women and Children, once located to the west and north of the intersection of Garfield Avenue and Minnie Street.

Photograph of the Bentonian Apartments at the southeast corner of 9th Street and Benton Boulevard.

Photograph of bread delivery trucks parked outside of the Campbell Baking Company, located at the northeast corner of 30th Street and Troost Avenue.

Photograph of Eleanor Beach, daughter of Kansas City Mayor Albert I. Beach, and Henry McElroy, Jr., and other unidentified people on a raised platform for the christening of "The Kansas City", a Transcontinental Air Transport (TAT) Ford Tri-Motor airplane. TAT merged with Transcontinental and Western Air (TWA) the following year.