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Commitment in Criminal Case No. 12392: United States vs. Frank Balestrere, defendant. The document reports that Giarameta entered a plea of guilty and was sentenced to serve one year and one day in the United States Industrial Reformatory at Chillicothe, Ohio. Giarameta was delivered to the jailer on December 27, 1932.

Indictment in Criminal Case No. 8388: United States vs. Rose Costanza, defendant. The defendant was charged with, in Count I, operating a distillery "with the intent to defraud the United States of America of the tax on the spirits"; in Count II, making, possession, and fermenting "a quantity of mash fit for distillation...

U.S. Attorney Maurice M. Milligan's opening statement in Criminal Case No. 14652: United States vs. Matthew S. Murray, defendant. Milligan notes that Murray filed tax returns in each of those years, for considerably less than his actual income, i.e.

Indictment in Criminal Case No. 13682: United States vs. E. D. Shannabarger, Irene Brennan, Nancy Bodenhammer, Nancy Constable, Everett Pippin, Bessie D. Adams, Charles H. Kaiser, and James McNamara, defendants.

Order in Criminal Case No. 8902: United States vs. Frank DeLuna and Ben Danzo, defendants.

Indictment in Criminal Case No. 13767: United States vs. Louis Depasco, Zula Brennar, Florence Klaasen, Mayme Hogerty, and Rose Brown, defendants. The defendants were charged with conspiring to impede citizens' right to vote and have that vote truthfully counted in the 3rd Precinct of the 12th Ward during the November 3, 1936 election.

Commitment in Criminal Case No. 8555: United States vs. Flore Picralli, defendant. The document notes that Picralli was charged with violating the Prohibition Act, and sentenced to serve one year and one day at the U.S. Penitentiary at Leavenworth. Picralli was delivered to the warden of the penitentiary on September 8, 1928.

Indictment in Criminal Case No. 13838: United States vs. Jennie Sanders, LaVerne Lang, Benjamin F. Bybee, Joe Mahoney, Dan McCarty, John Cosgrove, and Dan Pierce, defendants.

Report of trial for Criminal Case No. 8549: United States vs. Paul Carollo, defendant. The document summarizes events of the case, including the defendant's arrest on January 6, 1928, the witnesses who appeared, and the attorneys appearing on each side. Commissioner George D.

Indictment for Criminal Case No. 6473: United States vs. Arthur L. Curran and Manning Wilcox, defendants.

Judgments and commitments in Criminal Case No. 13951: United States vs. William H. Schultz, Mary Gossey, Algo Davis, Beverly Bledsoe, Virgil Lee Gibbs, and Anita C. Davis, defendants. Schultz entered a plea of nolo contendere and was sentenced to three months in jail, suspended for two years probation and a fine of $200.

Order in Criminal Case No. 8991: United States vs. Frank "Chee Chee" DeMayo, Joe Tutaro, Frank Fischman, Veto DeRoun, Meyer Esthman, Joseph Aroitto, and Sam Greenburg, defendants. Judge Albert L. Reeves orders the case be dismissed.