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Indictment for Criminal Case No. 7990: United States vs. Frank "Chee Chee" DeMayo, defendant. The defendant is charged with selling twenty four strip stamps "purporting to be engraved strip stamps issued by the United States Government" to Jason Kominakis near the Westgate Hotel in Kansas City.

Indictment in Criminal Case No. 13841: United States vs. Mary Martin, Marion North, Anna G. Holbrook, Georgia Hunter, Rolla C. O'Byrne, and Roy North, defendants.

Commitment in Criminal Case No. 9761: United States vs. Joe DiGiovanna, defendants. The document reports that DiGiovanna was charged with violating the Prohibition Act, and sentenced to serve sixty days at the Clay County Jail in Liberty, Missouri. DiGiovanna was delivered to the jailer on November 8, 1930.

Judgments and commitments in Criminal Case No. 14115: United States vs. John Jenkins, Edmund B. O'Brien, "Pete" Wilson Brummet, Dan Wiczkoski, Fred Johnston, Leona M. O'Brien, John F. Green, Elizabeth England, Clara Wilk, and Merle Thompson, defendants.

Verdict in the trial of Criminal Case No. 8838: United States vs. Rose Costanza, defendant. Costanza was found not guilty in the first, second, and third counts, related to operating a distillery, and guilty of the fourth count, related to the possession of alcohol. The verdicts are signed off on by the foreman of the jury.

Application for bill of particulars in Criminal Case No. 14573: United States vs.

Commitment in Criminal Case No. 13395: United States vs. Johnnie O'Hara, defendant. The document reports that O'Hara was sentenced to serve three months in the Johnson County Jail at Warrensburg, Missouri. O'Hara was delivered to the jailer on May 27, 1936.

Commitment in Criminal Case No. 13647: United States vs. John T. Little, Alice M. Foreschl, James E. Maxey, Lena T. Green, Forest C. Holman, Ruth Hogendorn, Joseph Hobdy, and Gilbert Stevens, defendants. The document reports that Maxey entered a plea of guilty and was sentenced to serve thirty days in jail.

Report of trial for Criminal Case No. 8527: United States vs. Jimmie DeSimone, alias Jimmie Ross, defendant. The document summarizes events of the case, including the defendant's arrest on April 21, 1928, and his plea of guilty. Commissioner George D.

Indictment in Criminal Case No. 13738: United States vs. W. C. Murphy, John L. Gordon, Senna Twist, Alice Tweedy, Ada Bennett, and Ernest N. Orr, defendants.

Incomplete commitment in Criminal Case No. 8557: United States vs. Tony Leptino, defendant. The document notes that Leptino was delivered to the warden of the U.S. Penitentiary at Leavenworth, Kansas, to serve a sentence after being convicted of a Prohibition Act violation.

Indictment for Criminal Case No. 6470: United States vs. Elton Apt, Arthur L. Curran, Ray Kirk, Isaac E. Martin, Harvey Storms, Manning Wilcox, defendants.