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Photograph of a police officer restraining a protester at a demonstration on March 17, 1937 by the International Ladies Garment Workers Union. This image was captured outside of the Gordon Brothers Garment Company, Gernes Garment Company, and Missouri Garment Company building at 2617 Grand Avenue (now Grand Boulevard), Kansas City, Missouri.

Prison record of William E. Clifford, Inmate #20546, which includes personal and family information as well as sentencing and arrest dates. Clifford was sentenced to time in the U.S. Penitentiary at Leavenworth on drug charges.

Information provided by Judge Roscoe C. Patterson to issue criminal court case No. 8420: United States of America vs. Manny Akers, alias Jim Akers, A. W. Jarman, and Jewell Hartman, Defendants. Patterson states that the defendants attempted to influence the selection of a jury for the case of United States vs.

Indictment for Criminal Case No. 13677: United States vs. James Callahan, Frank Geier, May Bartlett, Geneva Vielbig, Maude Hancher, Frank Gumminger, James Carter, and Mike Cummings, Defendants.

Admission committee recommendations for Glenn Barnard, Inmate #53424, which include custodial and work recommendations, as well as advising medical and dental treatments. Barnard was sentenced to one year and six months in the U.S.

Parole progress report for Louis Stacci, Inmate #46087, which includes information about his military background and updates on his case. Stacci was sentenced to two years in the U.S. Penitentiary at Leavenworth after being convicted of conspiracy related to the Union Station Massacre.

A form letter from International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union (ILGWU) Director of Publicity Max D. Danish to garment merchandisers.

Statement from Circuit Judge Van Valkenburgh in Equity Case No. 2924: Donnelly Garment Company and Donnelly Garment Sales Company, Plaintiffs, vs. International Ladies' Garment Workers Union (ILGWU) and all members of said union as defendants in this class action.

Judgment and commitments for Criminal Case No. 14114: United States vs. Joe Lawless, Chester J. McKaughan, Gilbert Hunt, Leo Felix Lippert, Rossen Lowe, alias Ross L. Lowe, Leota Forest Bell, Anna Ruble, Mary Ernest, and Martha J. Baldwin, Defendants.

U.S. Attorney's report on Thomas Audley, Inmate #53426, which notes that the U.S. attorney believes Audley was a victim of temptation and recommends parole when eligible. Audley was sentenced to one year and six months in the U.S.