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Memorandum including biographical information about Morris "Snag" Klein, describing him as a "mediocre gambler" who is a close friend of Charles Binaggio.

FBI record for James Balestrere, number 3707086. The record provides a physical description of the individual provided by the Milwaukee, Wisconsin Police Department, where Balestrere once resided.

FBI record for "Johnny Mag" Mangiaracina, including charges of theft and numerous Prohibition and other liquor violations, and income tax evasion, and listing sentences servced in the Chillicothe, Ohio reformatory and the Platte County, Missouri, jail.

Summary of the testimony of Edward Ochadsey, aka Eddy Spitz, describing him as a night club operator, gambler, and wire service partner, who partnered in a liquor distribution business with Kansas City crime boss Charles Binagio and Morris "Snag" Klein.

Memorandum about Morris "Snag" Klein, listing his involvement in various businesses, gambling undertakings, and Mafia affiliated organizations since 1947. Included are the Mo-Kan Publishing Company wire service, the Green Hills gambling club, a gambling venture at the Kay Hotel, and the Ace Sales and Equipment Company.

Memorandum including biographical and criminal history for Joseph DeLuca, Kansas City organized crime figure. DeLuca immigrated from Italy in 1910 and moved to Kansas City in 1922, where he was later indicted on narcotics charges Prohibition Act violations, and owned liquor stores with his brother, Frank DeLuca.

Memorandum including biographical and criminal history for Frank DeLuca, Kansas City organized crime figure. DeLuca immigrated from Italy in 1923 to join his brothers Joseph and Samuel, associates of Mafia boss Johnny Lazia. DeLuca is described as being a close associate of St.

FBI record for Kansas City organized crime figure Joseph DeLuca, including numerous charges including Prohibition Act and narcotics violations beginning in 1930.

FBI record for "Johnny Mag" Mangiaracina, including multiple charges of violating the National Prohibition Act, in addition to traffic violations, murder and larceny. The document also includes a physical and biographical description of Mangiaracina.

Photograph of James Balestrere, Kansas City organized crime figure who was involved in bootleg efforts during Prohibition and later owner of the White House Tavern, located south of the Kansas City city limits.

Two sets of mugshots of Joseph "Scarface" DiGiovanni. The photographs show DiGiovanni before and after he developed the distinctive burn scars that earned him the nickname "Scarface."

Report from Kansas City Police Department detectives listing "persons having masses said at the Holy Rosary Church in memory of Charles Gargotta," including Mr. and Mrs. Marion Nigro, Mr. and Mrs. Pete DiGiovanni, Mr. and Mrs. John Blando, and other individuals, families, and businesses.