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Two sets of mugshots of Joseph "Scarface" DiGiovanni. The photographs show DiGiovanni before and after he developed the distinctive burn scars that earned him the nickname "Scarface."

Report from Kansas City Police Department detectives listing "persons having masses said at the Holy Rosary Church in memory of Charles Gargotta," including Mr. and Mrs. Marion Nigro, Mr. and Mrs. Pete DiGiovanni, Mr. and Mrs. John Blando, and other individuals, families, and businesses.

Memorandum including biographical and criminal history for Frank DeLuca, Kansas City organized crime figure. DeLuca immigrated from Italy in 1923 to join his brothers Joseph and Samuel, associates of Mafia boss Johnny Lazia. DeLuca is described as being a close associate of St.

FBI record for Kansas City organized crime figure Joseph DeLuca, including numerous charges including Prohibition Act and narcotics violations beginning in 1930.

FBI record for "Johnny Mag" Mangiaracina, including multiple charges of violating the National Prohibition Act, in addition to traffic violations, murder and larceny. The document also includes a physical and biographical description of Mangiaracina.

Photograph of James Balestrere, Kansas City organized crime figure who was involved in bootleg efforts during Prohibition and later owner of the White House Tavern, located south of the Kansas City city limits.

Political cartoon by Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist Daniel Robert Fitzpatrick depicting what appear to be dead bodies outside a door labeled "Senate Crime Committee," referring to the Kefauver Committee's investigation into organized crime.

Kansas City Police Department mugshot of Walt Rainey, an ally of numerous Kansas City organized crime figures.

Summary of the testimony that Sheridan E. Farrell, manager of the Philips Hotel and former police commissioner, is expected to provide.

FBI record for Kansas City organized crime figure Joseph "Scarface" DiGiovanni, including his home and work addresses, as well as listing charges from 1944 and 1946.

Kansas City Police Department full-length photographs of John Mangiaricina.

Kansas City Police Department record noting James Balestrere's arrest on March 19, 1940, on charges of speeding and lacking a city or state auto license. The city license charge was dismissed, and Balestrere was fined $5 for each of the other two charges. The document also includes Balestrere's home address.