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Profile of Tony Gizzo, a former "gambling and horse book operator" with connections to Chicago Mafia figures and with Kansas City's Charles Binaggio.

Kansas City Police Department mugshot of organized crime figure Frank DeLuca.

Memorandum regarding James DeSimone, an associate of Kansas City and St. Louis organized crime figures and suspeted Black Hand killer. He also served time on narcotics charges and is believed to have been involved in the murder of Joe Patito, a John Lazia pallbearer.

Letter written by Mary Bonomo, to be provide information to the FBI in the event of her death. She writes that she fears for her life due to a debt owed to her by Chuck Casciopipa, and due to knowledge of other crimes she and her husband were suspected of having.

FBI record for Kansas City organized crime figure Frank DeLuca, including violations with the Immigration and Nationalization Service.

Memorandum describing testimony given by Walt Rainey, a member of the Joe Shannon-led Rabbit Club and associate of Max Jaben and "Johnny Mag" Mangiaracina. Rainey is described as under indictment in state court for operating a "policy game" and in federal court for tax fraud.