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To Leo V. Kanan

Letter from an unknown author to Leo Kanan, District Superintentdent of the WPA Equipment Department. The author indicates that he told Lloyd Stark to contact him at some point, and advises Kanan to "introduce him to some of your good Union Labor friends."

To Joe Sicker from Lloyd Stark

Letter from Lloyd Stark to Joseph Sicker, ordering a basket of Golden Deliciou apples for Mr. and Mrs. Tom Pendergast for their upcoming steamship voyage.

To Governor Lloyd Stark

First page of a multi-page letter to Governor Lloyd Stark, encouraging him to remove R. Emmet O'Malley from his position as Insurance Commissioner.

To Democrats of the Seventh Precinct Seventh Ward

Mailing to Kansas City Democratic voters, encouraging them to turn out early and vote for Lloyd C. Stark for Governor and Ernest S. Gantt for Supreme Court Judge of Missouri.

The Recent Primary Victory

Statement by William Hirth, publisher of The Missouri Farmer, discussing the recent Missouri Supreme Court primary election. He describes it as "the greatest blow ever struck for decent government in the history of Missouri" and demonstrating "that when the people finally tire of political bossism they can and will arise in their might, and smite it hip and thigh."

The Negroes Creed

Letter from Arthur Foster which includes "The Negroes Creed," a song about African American support for Lloyd Stark's candidacy for Missouri Governor.

The Jeffersonian

First issue of 'The Jeffersonian,' the official publication of the Young Democratic Club of Missouri.

The Four Horsemen of the Pendergast Machine

Pamphlet written by Ewing Young Mitchell, former Assistant Secretary of Commerce in Franklin D. Roosevelt administration's first term. He first responds to Harry Truman's statement to a reporter that "he never had sought the support of the Pendergast political organization in Missouri" and that the Pendergast machine was not involved in scandal until after he was elected to the Senate.

The Footman

The Footman newsletter, containing an article by William Hirth for Missouri Ruralist entitled "Hirth Supports Judge Douglas," a recap of a meeting of the Democratic Equal Rights Club. The paper endorses James V. Billings for Missouri Supreme Court.

Telegraph from Carolyn Pendergast to Guy Park

Response telegram from Carolyn Pendergast to Missouri Governor Guy Park, indicating that her husband, Tom Pendergast's medical condition was satisfactory.

Telegram from Tom Pendergast to Guy Park

Telegram from Kansas City political boss Tom Pendergast to Missouri Governor Guy Park, asking him to appoint James Austin Finch to the Board of Regents for the Teachers College of Cape Girardeau.

Telegram from Jim Pendergast to Guy Park

Telegram from Jim Pendergast to Governor Guy Park of Missouri asking that T. H. Cutler be retained as Chief Engineer.