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Letter from W. T. Foley to Governor Lloyd Stark describing an encounter with the Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department in which he was arrested at the city limit for speeding and had money taken by the officers.

Letter from Governor Park to Tom Pendergast recommending Harold Miller for a job.

Letter to W. L. Nelson thanking him for his support of Lloyd Stark's candidacy for governor.

Letter from Ruth Vawter to Governor Lloyd C. Stark. Vawter writes regarding Mrs. Marie S. Barnhill, former Area Supervisor of Women's Work for the WPA in Webster County.

Letter from Marie Plummer to Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. on January 15, 1937. Plummer recounts when she was informed that she was fired from her clerical work at the District Court of Appeals in Kansas City. She then details her attempts at reinstatement by appealing to those close to Thomas J. Pendergast.

Anonymous letter to Missouri governor Lloyd C. Stark describing state employees in the Oil and Grain Inspection Departments who do not perform any work for their pay.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to Casimir J. Welch, writing that he is sending Welch a jug of cider made from his orchard's Golden Delicious apples.

Letter from J. T. Pinnell to Governor Lloyd Stark identifying persons in McDonald County who worked against Republican interests in recent elections. Pinnell describes the Pendergast machine as a "hydra headed monster."

Letter from democratic candidate for Missouri governor, Francis Wilson, to Herbert Rice, responding to assertions that his campaign in not going well in Boone County.

This letter from Teasdale to Stark describes the attitudes of residents of Ironton, Missouri - specifically that they would back the gubernatorial candidate that Tom Pendergast endorsed.

Letter from A. Reed Wilson to Lloyd C. Stark listing politicians throughout the state with whom he recommends Stark meet, and offering to introduce him to members of the Kemper family.

Letter from David M. Proctor to Jesse Barrett discussing the Republican factions in Kansas City, particularly those who are aligned with the Pendergast Machine.