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Letter from John M. Breen to Governor Park indicating his desire for an appointment to the Food and Drug department, with the endorsement of Tom Pendergast.

Letter describing the strong support for Lloyd Stark's candidacy for governor among farmers in Missouri. The author states his belief that Pendergast should support Stark because of his strong status.

Letter from Helen N. Hall to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, describing pressure against WPA employees to support the Pendergast machine, and affirming her support for Stark's work as governor.

Transcript of the Court's Charge to the Grand Jury in case investigating election fraud in a 1936 election.

Letter from Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. to his nephew, Kansas City Court of Appeals judge Ewing C. Bland on January 18, 1937. Mitchell provides a heated and sometimes vulgar response to Bland's letters of May 14th and 16th, 1937. He asserts that James M. Pendergast influences the District Court of Appeals in Kansas City and that James P.

Anonymous postcard accusing Kansas City officials of misdeeds.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to Casimir J. Welch, writing that he is sending a gift of "a small fountain pencil" for Mrs. Welch.

Letter from Elmer Ferris to Governor Lloyd C. Stark regarding a crime that took place in Tarkio, MO.

Letter from J. C. Henderson to the Editor of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch criticizing their editorial of Feb. 25, 1932, and defending the Pendergast regime.

Letter from Superintendent of Insurance R. E. O'Malley to William J. McGinley, Supreme Secretary of the Knights of Columbus, accusing his organization of corruption and illegal political contributions.

Letter from A. Reed Wilson to Lloyd C. Stark, reporting that Tom Pendergast had "no objection ... to my furthering your cause with friends and associates out-state," and that he is getting "nothing but the most favorable response to your cause."

Letter from John S. Bates to Republican gubernatorial candidate Jesse Barrett describing the support for his campaign in Kansas City.