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Letter from Waldron explaining his disappointment in being rejected by the Stark campaign. He indiciates his intention to return to Topeka, Kansas.

Letter from C. L. Chandler to Lloyd C. Stark regarding the feelings in Malden, Missouri, about the upcoming governors race and Stark's prospects in particular.

Letter from Mrs. A. P. Wolf to Missouri Governor Guy Park complaining about her pension and the political corruption in the federal and local Kansas City governments.

Letter from Lloyd Stark to Joseph Sicker, ordering a basket of Golden Deliciou apples for Mr. and Mrs. Tom Pendergast for their upcoming steamship voyage.

Telegram from Bonnie Mary Wyatt to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, requesting additional protection at Kansas City polling places for the upcoming election for herself and her husband. She reports that they and a number of friends "have been threatened because we are working for Coalition ticket."