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Letter from W. F. Enright to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, discussing support for James Douglas's Missouri Supreme Court campaign in Buchanan County.

Letter from Claude Findly to Missouri gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark pledging his support for his campaign and discussing the general sentiment in St. Louis.

Letter from Carrell Hull to Lloyd C. Stark, prior to Stark's election as governor. Hull compliments Stark's business, Stark Brothers Nurseries and Orchards, and reporting on support he perceives for Stark's gubernatorial campaign.

Telegram from Ralph F. Lozier, Jr. to his father Ralph F. Lozier. He reproduces for Lozier a Kansas City Star headline: "Judge Truman Will Announce with Support of Kansas City Organization."

Letter from Roy E. Glidewell continuing the theme of the previous day's letter, outlining what he would do if appointed to the 21st Circuit Court Judgeship.