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Letter from Clyde Tuck to Jesse Barrett discussing Barrett's prospects if he should decide to run for Missouri Governor on the Republican ticket.

Letter from Grover Childers to Governor Lloyd C. Stark reporting on current activities of the Pendergast machine, and opinions about Stark's efforts to clean up the police department. Childers also reports that President Roosevelt "is not in sympathy with political machines that defeat the public in elections."

Letter from William Kitchen updating candidate Lloyd Stark on developments with his opponents inthe Democratic primary.

Letter from tom Pendergast to Governor Guy Park providing his recommendation of Greene Thompson for caretaker at Lincoln University.

Telegram from Chas. F. Williams to Governor Lloyd C. Stark regarding the prior day's election, stating "We killed Tom with 2000 volts in Clay County yesterday."

Letter from Claude Manlove to members of the Woodmen of World urging them to support Missouri candidates who will not pursue the taxation of dues and insurance premiums paid to fraternal societies.

Program for the 43rd Annual Commencement of Lincoln High School. Includes a photograph of Miss Lincoln, Miss Lucile Hill.

Letter from William Hirth, publisher and managing editor of The Missouri Farmer, to Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. on February 28, 1937. Hirth discusses Missouri politics ahead of the 1940 U.S. Senate campaign.

Letter describing the strong support for Lloyd Stark's candidacy for governor among farmers in Missouri. The author states his belief that Pendergast should support Stark because of his strong status.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to James P. Aylward, thanking Aylward for meeting with him while he was visiting Kansas City and mentioning that Colonel Bouchard's poll indicates strong support for Stark's campaign.

Letter from Cecil F. Holman to Governor Lloyd Stark, writing that he and his family didn't vote for Stark in 1936 due to his Pendergast support, but wish to make up for that by working for the election of Judge James Douglas to the Missouri Supreme Court.

Letter from Richard Perry Spencer to Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. on February 1, 1932. Spencer believes that every Pendergast-endorsed candidate should be defeated in the upcoming primary. Otherwise, a precedent might form where candidates spend more time vying for the support of Pendergast than the support of the people.