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Unsigned postcard to Lloyd C. Stark expressing disappointment that Stark has "wander[ed] into Pendergast's stock yards" and asserts that Stark's gubernatorial ambitions will be ruined by the association.

Response letter from Governor Guy Park to Tom Pendergast indicating that he will follow up with Mr. McBride regarding the Benefit Building & Loan Association.

Letter from J. R. Smith to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, expressing frustration with a 1938 election. Smith also describes having had 70 head of cattle stolen and having abandoned his farm as a result.

Letter from Omar Robinson to candidate for Missouri governor, Lloyd Stark, advising him to speak out publicly against R. Emmet O'Malley, the Commissioner of Insurance.

Letter from Ralph F. Lozier to Charles M. Howell in which Ralph explains why Charles should drop out of his Senate campaign race so that Ralph may enter with Pendergast's support.

Letter from R. H. Hoover to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, advocating for a truly secret ballot in Kansas City elections, and suggesting results would be different if that were the practice.

Letter from James Hurst to Lloyd Stark providing a recommendation and introduction to Paul A. Hartung of Carrollton, Missouri.

Letter from Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. to George G. Vest on July 9, 1932. Mitchell informs Vest of C. W. Greenwade's belief that Thomas J. Pendergast will not support more than 7-8 candidates for Congress. Thus, Mitchell suggests that Vest seeks the support of other Kansas City leaders in his campaign.

Letter from Virgil Reddington to Governor Lloyd C. Stark. Reddington writes to report on the state of the election rolls in the Seventh Ward, and to mention that he lost his job as a city fireman after refusing to accept a large salary cut. He hopes the governor can help him to obtain employment.

Letter from Ernest O. Boone, principal of the Dunbar School, to Lloyd C. Stark congratulating Stark on his election as Director of the State Chamber of Commerce, as well as discussing African-American politics in Missouri.

Letter from Lester Seacat describes an enclosed chart of election-related activities in various districts in Kansas City.

Letter from Congressman Clarence Cannon to Lloyd C. Stark, relating a conversaion with Rufus Jackson about who Pendergast and the Missouri Democrats were opting to support in the upcoming gubernatorial race.