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Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to Tom Pendergast, writing that he is sending "a little fountain pencil" as a gift for Mrs. Pendergast.

Letter from U.S. Senator Harry B. Hawes to Francis Wilson discussing the outcome of the recent Democratic primary, and the path forward for the campaign.

Letter from Frank Page to William Kitchen in response to a previous letter. Page indicates that an unnamed person, mentioned in an earlier clipping, does not work, and does not farm in particular.

Letter from Hiram Chinn of Springfield to Missouri Governor Guy Park, explaining why Greene County voters did not strongly come out in support of Harry Truman for Senator.

Letter from Fielding Stapleton to Missouri gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark, informing him of the broad level of support in Gentry and surrounding counties, in light of tom Pendergast's endorsement.

Letter from Dorman H. O'Leary to Governor Lloyd C. Stark discussing actions taken against Jackson County politicians including County Prosecutor W. W. Graves and Sheriff James Williams.

Letter from an unknown writer to "Mr. Wilson" praising the work of Tom Pendergast on behalf of Democratic candidates and causes.

Brief letter from Pendergast to Stark recommending a publication, "The Missouri Review."

Letter from W. G. Lynch to Governor Lloyd C.

Letter from G. H. Smart to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, reporting suspicious hiring practices in the Works Progress Administration in Clair and Henry Counties, saying that he was "laid off becasue [he] didn't vote to suit the Pendergast bunch" while others who were unqualified received jobs.

Letter from Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. to his nephew, Kansas City Court of Appeals Judge Ewing C. Bland on January 18, 1937. Mitchell continues his heated response by claiming that Bland was only elected because of his father's (Richard P. Bland) reputable civic career.

An anonymous letter to Governor Lloyd Stark asking that sale of fireworks be banned.