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Letter from Mary F. Steward to Missouri gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark, reporting on a meeting she had with two members of Tom Pedndergast's organization.

Letter from Mrs. A. P. Wolf to Missouri Governor Guy Park complaining about her pension and the political corruption in the federal and local Kansas City governments.

Letter from O. L. Thompson to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, thanking him for his work in cleaning up Missouri politics and suggesting that Stark should order the state militia to protect Kansas City polling places on election day.

Letter from W. H. Reed to Lloyd Stark offering his support for his candidacy for Missouri governor.

Letter from "M. C." to Thomas J. Pendergast in which the writer states his belief that efforts to divide the Kansas City and rural Missouri Democrats will fail. The letter-writer commends Pendergast on his service to the party and asks him not to blame out-State Democrats for the attacks being made on him.

Letter from Sheriff B. R. Williams to Lloyd C. Stark, discussing his work and the upcoming campaign. Williams is undecided as to whether he will run for public office in this election, but writes that "there are so many insistent demands from friends for me to run for Prosecuting Attorney."

Letter from T. V. Bodine of Paris, Missouri to Lloyd Stark. Bodine advises him to tap W. W. Barnes as a campaign manager for Monroe County.

Letter from R. P. Spencer to Lloyd C. Stark noting Pendergast's decision to support Stark and discussing potential candidates for attorney general. He believes Franklin Miller would be a superior candidate to Roy McKittrick.

Letter from Carl Burgoyne Smith to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, reporting that Pendergast influenced many voters from the Missouri School for the Deaf to support Truman in 1934, and wonders if the same is happening in support of James Billings for Missouri Supreme Court.

Letter from George G. Vest to Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. on June 1, 1934. Vest asks for Mitchell's support of John J. Cochran for U.S. Senator and describes Cochran's growing support in Missouri.

Letter from Edward S. Saughman to Guy B. Park regarding anti-Dearmont appointments with the state highway patrol and penitentiary.

Letter from Hurd Martin to Governor Lloyd C. Stark regarding the alliances of Carroll County Democrats to the Pendergast machine. He reports that Earl Cheesman, county chairman, met with Tom Pendergast recently and pledged his support. Martin is concerned that Stark could inadvertantly appoint Pendergast loyalists to important positions.