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Letter from Charles L. Dunham to Jesse Barrett describing his political activities over the years and his opposition to the Pendergast Machine in Kansas City.

Letter from Floyd Jacobs to gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark discussing his prospects for success in various parts of Missouri.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to Dr. W. Y. Foster reporting that there is strong support for his campaign reported by members of the Pendergast organization.

Letter from William E. Kemp to Governor Lloyd Stark, providing a confidential assessment of William Kirby, Chairlan of the Missouri Employment Commission.

Letter from Paul A. Marye to Guy B. Park regarding election fraud in Missouri and the involvement of the Pendergast machine in insurance fraud and other issues.

Letter from Joseph Sicker & Co. informing the Pendergasts that Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Stark had purchased them a fruit basket for their trip aboard the steamship Ile de France.

Letter from Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. to Marie Plummer in which Mitchell congratulates Plummer on the extension of her employment at the Kansas City Court of Appeals. He then provides excerpts and a copy of Ewing C. Bland's most recent letter to Mitchell concerning Plummer.

Letter from J. T. Montgomery to Governor Lloyd C. Stark discussing machine candidates in an upcoming election. He writes, "If I were in your place, I would tell these gentlemen that their ticket was not a Democratic ticket, but was a machine ticket in order to get control again of Kansas City, and rob its people."

Letter from T. C. Oyler to Frank Hollingsworth, discussing the state of the Missouri Supreme Court race in Linn County and his work for the Douglas campaign. He reports that "our pictures are torn down or defaced nearly as rapidly as we can put them up," and hopes that Governor Stark could visit Marceline to help in their efforts.

Letter from Kansas City Court of Appeals judge, Ewing C. Bland, to his uncle on January 13, 1933. Bland provides his analysis of the Missouri political landscape as Mitchell attempts seek political support in a campaign for office.

Letter from Haywood Scott to Governor Lloyd C. Stark discussing the relevance of the 1920s history of Democrats and Republicans crossing party lines in Missouri electoral politics, and in particular the 1922 primary election.

Letter from S. Powell, assistant to Lloyd C. Stark, to J. O. L. Goggin, acknowledging receipt of his letter and informing Goggin that Stark is out of town.