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Letter from Missouri Senator Francis Wilson to W. T. Carrington, describing his attitude toward campaigning, party loyalty and Missouri political machines.

Response letter from Guy Park to Hiram Chinn indicating his desire for a meeting with him, Sam Wear, and George Olendorf.

Letter from Jack McComb to Lloyd C. Stark reporting on support for Stark from various parties, including the Jackson County Court and Francis Wilson supporters. He writes that Tom Pendergast and Jim Aylward have yet to make up their minds.

Letter from Mrs. Edw. E. Miller to Governor Lloyd C. Stark regarding inconsistent voter registrations related to the Charter Party. She writes: "The machine also is attempting to pad some empty houses."

Letter from Walker C. Johnson to candidate for Missouri governor, Lloyd Stark. Walker warns Stark of the dangers of his endorsement by Tom Pendergast.

Letter from Governor Park to Tom Pendergast, asking him to read the list of Highway Department employess and identify each person's political affiliation.

Letter to Josephine Lay from gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark discussing his recent endorsements, and noting that Roy McKittrick has been endorsed by Pendergast for Attorney General.

Draft campaign materials for the James Douglas for Supreme Court campaign, including a statement written by Governor Lloyd C. Stark asserting that "the same political boss and the organization he dominates ... are trying to extend their sinister influence to our Supreme Court."

Letter to Orrin Shaw indicating candidate Lloyd Stark's intention to hold a labor meeting in Kansas City.

Letter from Juanita B. Duggins to Edgar Shook, discussing the candidacy of James Douglas for the Missouri Supreme Court and the Pendergast machine's involvement in the race and the lack of confidence in elections.

Letter from A. Ross Hill to Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. on July 10, 1934. Hill reports from Kansas City that Frederick Whitten is campaigning against Truman and that John Lazia was shot that previous night.

Letter from J. O. L. Goggin to Lloyd C. Stark encouraging Stark to run for governor. He writes that "now is the time to make up your mind so that the 'powers' in the party can be rounded up and properly organized."