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Letter from Robert F. Nichols of Ashland, Missouri to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, writing to "congratulate [Stark] upon the noble fight [he is] waging against the Pendergast regime," and describing the difficulty he and his family members have had in securing work in jobs managed by the machine.

Letter from Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. to Marie Plummer on January 18, 1937. Mitchell confirms that he sent a letter to Judge Ewing C. Bland concerning Plummer's termination at the District Court of Appeals in Kansas City.

Clipping and brief note encouraging Gov. Stark to crack down on illegal gambling and slot machines in Kansas City. The clipping quotes city manager Henry McElroy as saying he'll feed a Stark Brothers' Nursery Golden Delicious apple to his dog.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to Casimir J. Welch hoping that Mrs. Welch will recover quickly from an illness.

Letter from Sparrel McCall to Democratic candidate for Missouri governor, Francis M. Wilson, updating him on his campaign in his area. He also asks for an introduction to Tom Pendergast for purposes of securing his endorsement for State Treasurer.

Letter from Fred Newberger to R. Emmet O'Malley expressing his suport for O'Malley's efforts to investigate and clean up insurance scams across Missouri.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to A. Reed Wilson, thanking Wilson for his assistance and requesting the names of "loyal friends" so he may write to them, "especially those who occupy strategic positions and are influential Democrats."

Letter from Frank Hilmes to Jesse Barrett, candidate for Missouri governor, advising him to seek a meeting with Roy Roberts of the Kansas City Star.

This letter congratulate Mrs. Stark on her husband's selection as the Democratic nominee for governor. Mayerhoff goes on to describe Tom Pendergast and his machine positively indicating that the state would benefit from Stark's association with him.

Letter from Paul G. Koontz to Governor Lloyd C. Stark regarding the activities of election clerks and precinct captains in local elections. He is concerned that "Charter Party precinct captains insist on accompanying [election] clerks," and believes "the Election Board has the situation well in hand."

Letter from John T. Harding to L. H. Forman, discussing anti-Clark/Douglas circulars being "thrown into the river" in St. Louis.

Letter from Ray B. Horton to governor Guy Park, discussing the death of a mutual friend, Charley Becker.